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DarthDestiny is 7th, right?

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I think DT. PM. Swampert and trachy were the original four members. Not sure though.
No, they were the original four mods.

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The first was a user named metalmaster and then the next five are unknown, but the sixth is called "piepienumnum" (Cute name)
The 7th IS DarthDestiny and 8th is Speed freak (I THINK)


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8th isn't Speed Freak, don't guess...
Thanks VV. ^.^
Fritjof was 5th and Eric was 4th, as I recall.
EricHill Is not 4th, He joined this Site AFTER me.........
youre probably thinking of erickhill who has been a user for six months.  They're probably talking about eric who has been a user for more than two years
I wasn't 5th, I was 23rd (I think).