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How do you get a picture on your account (avatar)?

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I have seen pokemaster with an arceus emblem and darthdestiny with a picture is this just for experts editors etc. or can we have one if so how?

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This is question no. 3000.
It says '3000' in the link anyway.
I couldn't help but notice that.
i see you got  a "picture"

1 Answer

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I'm glad you asked! The pictures come from a service called Gravatar.

Click the link above to go there and signup using the same email as you did for here. Then you can upload an "avatar". It will get automatically detected and on the "My Account" page you can choose to display the avatar.

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iv waited over a hour it hasnt shown up...
click save profile then see
Click "edit profile", a part saying "show gravatar" should be there. Tick yes, it should show up.
i have no clue how to change it
It says quite clearly in the answer what you must do. Can you be more specific as to what you are having trouble with?
I converted your answer to a comment BTW since it was responding to this post.