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I have seen pokemaster with an arceus emblem and darthdestiny with a picture is this just for experts editors etc. or can we have one if so how?

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This is question no. 3000.
It says '3000' in the link anyway.
I couldn't help but notice that.
i see you got  a "picture"

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I'm glad you asked! The pictures come from a service called Gravatar.

Click the link above to go there and signup using the same email as you did for here. Then you can upload an "avatar". It will get automatically detected and on the "My Account" page you can choose to display the avatar.

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Um, isn't there a way WITHOUT having to sign up on Gravatar?
That is the system this site uses for getting a profile picture, so its the only way!
Um, this doesn't work for me. I made an account, and added my email address that I used for pokemondb.net to make an account, but I still don't have a pic. Help?
Make sure you open the link on the confirmation email
but how do you upload the gravitar?
what the heak it doesnt work
What are you having trouble with Eelektrossdude?
You have to make an account with Gravatar first, upload a picture, and select a Rated G rating; it will take one or two days to show up on the Pokebase.
it doesnt take days :D but it take like 5-10 mins
make sure you're going to the website where you got your image from, then copy the URL, (bar above) and paste it into the url box, unless it's on your desktop or somewhere else.
does it cost money?
I signed up but the activation email failed to appear
It doesn't cost money, and make sure you use a email that won't block out certain mail like school email accounts. Try using your parents email or something.
thank's :D
Thanks that helped me too
It says the the url is invalis plz help.:)
I love my pic thanks!
Hmm... that's never happened to me before Grovyle Lover25. I'll list the exact steps to make sure you can get it.
1. Select the blue 'Create a Gravatar' Button.
2. Log on using the same email that you use for this website.
3. Make a password. Remember It.
4. Open another tab or window, and Google search the image.
5. When you find it, click on it.
6. Then select the grey button that says: View  Image.
7. Double click the bar at the top of the page. It should be highlighted.
8. Copy it by hitting command + C.
9. Go back to the gravatar page, and select 'An image on the internet.'
10. It will ask you to paste it in a box. So do that by command + V.
11. Select 'Next.'
12. You may crop the image if you wish. Then continue.
13. Click on the G rating box.
Then it should finish,
That's when you go to your account settings on the Database, and under the avatar section, you select the image, and save your profile.
Hope this helps. :)  (Sorry for such a long comment)
Does it have to be Gravatar or can it be anything?
Yes it has to be Gravatar because they are the people that will apply the image you selected.
It didn't work. Please help!
didn't work help please?
Haha, I remember when I uploaded my first gravatar I was like freaking out that I did something wrong cause it took awhile and then like 20 minutes later it was just there lol
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How can you change from your first gravatar? I found a much cuter image but I cant seem to change to that Gravatar!
thanks that helps a lot!
I made a gravatar account but for some reason it is not working. Please, please help me!
I made a gravatar but it doesn't appear on my account, what da heck
It has now. Have some patience, it doesn't work instantly.
mine also
iv waited over a hour it hasnt shown up...
click save profile then see
Click "edit profile", a part saying "show gravatar" should be there. Tick yes, it should show up.
i have no clue how to change it
It says quite clearly in the answer what you must do. Can you be more specific as to what you are having trouble with?
I converted your answer to a comment BTW since it was responding to this post.
OK, but how do you change your Gravatar though? It doesn't let me do it....
What is going wrong when you try to change your avatar? Is it a problem on this site, or is the Gravatar service not working?
Well, I don't even know where to upload the picture to Gravatar.
If you have made a Gravatar/WordPress account, then you should be able to go to https://en.gravatar.com/emails/ and find the option to add an image down the bottom of the page. From there the process should be fairly straightforward. Leave another message if you're still having trouble.
I tapped "create a gravatar" and it took me to... A blank screen. Please help thanks :P there was just a W in a circle.