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Mew injustly kicked me off the chat without warning. The aboose has to stahp. Mew has already been reported for his actions and needs to be disciplined.

Stand ^ 2 Mew

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Leboss 8 minutes ago I thought i was leaving... BANNED, you wittle
liar :(

Well, I wanted to fulfll your wishes, so here we are...

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But that wasnt a wish, det was an order... From you ;-;
I said Good Bye as a sign of leaving the chat for a bit, and you turn it around to this?
You gotta do what you gotta do... Maybe you shouldnt take that quote so srsly Mew. ;-;
I must take things seriously, as the fate of the DB depends on it.
The db depends on pink kittens and corrupt mods...

Owait a second....

*corrupt registered users that have their butts kicked by Mods
As XXXYOLO69XXX once said... Where there is too much corruption, there is no corruption...

This means i cant be corrupt, because you are corrupt, thus meaning our corruptions cancel out.

ahaha..... -_-'  Mew is well known all over db so..... I don't know why'd he'd do that.
"Well, I wanted to fulfll your wishes, so here we are..."

Does that sound like an excuse for rape to anyone else?
Of course Ben... Of course.