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Not quite like the Dual Type Chart, but yeah, just kind of different. So like, basically, it's an app you go to and you select two type combinations for a Pokemon, and it will say what types that Pokemon would be weak and strong against. I know there is already the Dual Type Chart, but I seriously sometimes have trouble reading those correctly or I don't have the time to >.< So I figured just making an app to find it for you would help! It's like the opposite of the Type Coverage Chart. You get what I mean? I'm not exactly sure where I'm going with this, but I think it would be helpful, if you know what I mean.

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I don't think it's particularly difficult to read the dual type chart, but perhaps I could make it easier to quickly find the type you are looking for.

The other alternative, if you have a particular Pokemon in mind, is to just go the the Pokemon's pokedex e.g. if you want to know the weaknesses of Rock/Dark, go to Tyranitar's pokedex and look at the type chart on the left.

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As you said, we already have a dual type chart. Really, an App just for that isn't needed, and I'm pretty sure there are some Apple Apps which are the same thing. Just either go on the dual type coverage checker or just download a random App which gives you the same thing.

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