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The title has a mistruth in it.
There are no brothers, it's just Pokemaster.

Pokemaster, I thought we could use this page as a way for you to easily check when the contents of a profile need to be removed. Ban report can be crowded, and I'm not all too positive that you check it, at least often. You're also not the most active user on chat, so it can be difficult to catch you there.

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You're an old man. 270 years. Very old indeed :3
LOL so funny trachy
Yay, that makes me full young, ^.^
Old and wrinkly.
The title is a lie...the idea was 1743, but it actually started it 1744.
Honestly, it should've started in 1337 :P
Could "Showdown! DB" Usernames be here too? Because there is some person who always came on and said "you ******* *****". And then did leave. I forgot his/her's/it's name but other people where on too.

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While floating through cyberspace I found these people (There are 14 of them):

Not Appropriate, Possible Trolls Maybe?, NOT Professional, Common Names? ---> Maybe, but they were made on the same day and are likely trolls & dupes :P, More Trolls, Classless, Troll... ?, More Muggy names, Why?, Oh Really?, and Would this Count?...

All joking aside, I am now filled the feeling that there are too many trolls and terrible people in the world...

If anyone wonders why I ended up finding these, I was Bored :P

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I've deleted all the ones I think are inappropriate or duplicates.