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We are all aware of the many people who accidentally post something on the Battle Subway that they shouldn't have. This just keeps happening and clogs the Battle Subway with rule breaking posts until somebody who can hide sees it. The hidden section on the Admin is full of examples of this, and the flagged section gets frequent entries from answers that should be converted to comments (less of a problem since there are 20+ people who can edit though).

The easiest way to try to prevent this, I believe, is to add the same approve/reject system there is on the PokeBase. This would decrease the amount of posts that need a mod's attention and would benefit the site a lot. The amount of points needed to bypass the process should be 30 like it is on the PokeBase (correct me if I'm wrong).

This could also happen on Meta but I think we'd be better off leaving it as it is. Meta will probably get a lot of posts with suggestions from newer users now that it is linked on the top bar on the site, and it would be kinda unnecessary to add an approving system with the amount of posts we will get here, and rule breaking posts are less of a problem on Meta anyway.

The second thing I'd like to bring up is something you have probably heard numerous times from the mods. And that is increasing the amount of points required to bypass the approve/reject system.

Currently people with under 30 points (again, correct me if that's wrong) must have their Q/As approved before people see them. This means that a single upvote would give them the ability to skip the entire process. A single vote is incredibly easy to get on the PokeBase, so a person who does not know the rules may post something and someone gives it an upvote for whatever reason. That would mean that their rule breaking posts would clog the site simply because they got that vote. That needs to stop.

I suggest raising the number to around 60. That means that the person would have to get a few votes or Best Answers before they could skip the approving process, enough to prove that they are a good user. This might mean the Admin gets more full, but it helps more than it hinders.

We are going to need this as the PokeBase will likely be getting more traffic since you gave us a tab on the top of the site (great idea there), which means more people who will need their posts approved before they are displayed to everyone.

Again, these are just suggestions but they could help the site a lot. ;)

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Amazing idea Fizz!! :D Hopefully PM sees this soon. If I could upvote on Meta I would totally upvote this.
Lesgo do dis :3

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First suggestion: good idea, I will make a note to do that soon.

Second idea: the approval was mainly to prevent spam/advertising bots. While it's true we do get a fair few questions breaking the rules, I think the solution is to make the rules clearer for newbies. I think I'm gonna move the basic rule/guidelines to the top of the page when asking. And also set up the "closing" feature properly so that people aren't wondering where their question disappeared to.

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Sounds good, glad to hear the closing feature might be coming back too :)