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Recently (though it's always happened) there's been a lot of new users who post in-game teams w/o EVs etc. on the RMT, and it just feels mean to put a red flag on their questions. Nearly all the users who do this have been here for less than 1 hour, and just haven't read the rules.

I was thinking either:

1) manually approve questions by new users (more work for mods...)
2) flash the rules page up in red/ something noticeable when they write a new question

I don't know if the rules page does flash up, since I can't remember back when I was new, but maybe also just flash up a sign that says "the RMT is not in-game teams, only competitive ones", or something like that.

Or am I just making more work for people...

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Nah, you want something that's like the Q and A section where it asks you if your question has been asked first but instead of linking simular questions you could add a link for RMT rules.
EVs aren't required if natures, abilities, an items are present.
@ Sciz: That's actually what I was thinking about, but reconsidering it just now, with the amount of dupes we get on the regular section, people rarely seem to read those either.
@ Ninja: I meant EVs etc., as in all of that stuff. I was too lazy to type them all out.
The real problem is that we have users constantly throwing a bunch of standard Pokemon together, calling it original, giving it a fancy title, and then having unresolved teams.

Oh yeah, and they get all the up votes from people who do the same thing xD

And I forgot that "The BS is about showing off". New user questions are shunned, when they need help. Don't post teams if you think they are amazing.

If we didn't have much rulesharking then it would be better.

> Ninjarant
/wafts camomile in your direction
It's okay Ninja. We all feel the same.
Really, I think the main problem is more the Rate my Pokemon questions, which really have no point being there since you can just look at the moveset pages for the Pokemon easily enough.
I dunno.. I read the rules before I even signed up. It's not our fault if they were too lazy to. An hour is plenty of time to check out the rules before posting, especially since we have signs about it everywhere.
Yea, it's really no one's fault if new members don't read the rules, but the influx of questions that aren't for the RMT is slowly climbing lately. :x

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