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Arca here. The title explains it. J-Razzle is an example. However, as shown here he has 30 points and only one upvote. On the rmt section, he has no points. Is this a bug ?
Thank you.

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I've seen this a lot.
Me too. First, I thought it was no problem, but a load of users with it made me think, and voila, a question.
theres a lot more than 15 users with it..
Yeah, it was the first number I thought of...
Wouldn't you just say a load rather than 15 o.O?
OK Xerilia! Why are you mad ? I edited it. Are you happy, now ?

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This is most likely because they has a post with downvotes that was hidden and then deleted. I've run the points updating script and everything is back to normal.

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Thank you :)