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I think we should have little icons on the Pokédex entries of legendary Pokémon showing that they are legendary. I know, I know, most people know their legendaries, but some people do not. You don't have to do this, I just think this would be helpful. This is for ingame purposes only.

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I do not see the purpose of this. The title of "Legendary" Is kinda useless. Articuno, for example is Legendary, But is in the depths of NU.
Now now Tazzie. There are some beginners who can't tell a starter from a legend.
yes, i'm just saying there's nothing special about legendaries, they're just hard to fine
Point taken.
They should so do that. When I first started Pokémon, I thought Dragonite was a legendary! Of COURSE I know that now, but I didn't then!
Yes.. When I first started, I didn't know Giratina was a legendary, and thought it was the final form of Anorith/Armaldo...
(The wierd spike-thingys, the stubby legs, roughly triangular head...)

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