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Alright, first of all - this image of bangers n' mash is not in any way supposed to persuade you.

enter image description here

Now, don't let that sway you at all, but I may or may not be requesting to have my powers back. I've been away for a while to focus on my school and stuff, but now that things are finally manageable again, I've become active on the site! It may take a while longer to adjust to the little changes and pick up on the current issues here, but I'd love to be promoted to a moderator again to resume my position, Captain.

...Look - I'll even make you Bangers n' Mash, alright? You drive a hard bargain.

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Can i has bangers n' mash? o.o'
Are you PM? No you're not, therefore, no.
Will? :DDDDD
Welcome back Will :3
Still got that bushy beard? Or am I thinking of someone else. Its been  2 years O.O
Still as bushy as ever!
Im having bangers and mash and I dont care what you say.

Btw yeah, good to get your mod back :P
WB Will :D
Yo Will! Glad to see you back in swing! Have someone who I enjoy talking to again. I sorta became one of the baby sucks too, during your absence. Not much has changed. The looks have, but the people haven't.
I feel you have got to work for them. But then again im not PM.
I was a moderator in the past, but PM simply switched it from people who were inactive as a security measure.
Im sad that you missed Tracy's leave though. Hopefully you two can still catch up.
I also used to be a mod, and want it back :D?

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