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  • Modchat doesn't work. Because the code probably says that the GLs are the lowest powered users, they can only set it to gl rank, and not voice rank. Also, I could not talk in champion chat, or % chat.
  • User list. If you come online, you stay on the list unless you log out. You can't leave.
  • The tour points do not work because chat keeps on saying its not official.
    Quotes from thy Mewderator

Problems I found:
> - /roomdemote - Access denied for promoting to Gym Leader. (Can't demote to normal user without access to league symbols. This for every room but lobby)
- It's not important though the message for tours says "...points Points!"

With Sciz out of commission (until he gets a new PC according to him) we need a little server tune up. Also an update is needed with Pokebank and OU (Gen 6) combining and newly released info such as Emboar getting Sucker Punch released.

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The irony that as soon as I post this I can't get back on the server >.>
True....I can't get on!
Oh no! Its true!
Well, server was down for quite awhile. Its back up though, so that's no longer a problem.
Yay its been fixed

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