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Could we please get an -1- hour delay on users posting Q&A for best answer('s)....?

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It's just not enough time being against the clock and knowing other users could get there before you, do you put as little as possible knowing you've done the question or do you put the correct and necessary information, which could take upto 30 mins to type up.

  • Suggestion... Could we delay by (1 hour) the people asking the question from selecting best answer)

Post-Reason - Less strenuous time consumed on users typing up there answers.

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I love this idea
no one chooses my answers after a hour or they avoid doing it
My strategy is to get a short, decent answer posted, and then immediately click edit and do my full thing.  So far, it's worked well.  Anyone have something to say on this tactic?
If you take too long after another detailed answer, using similar details, it will appear like you may have simply copied it off them.
Good point.

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It's been asked before and rejected. This situation doesn't happen that often anyways. But nice try in making this site better

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It's been asked before? Can we have the link to it?
I've been told this twice now, but this is now and not before. Writing up an answer compared to the person awaiing a best answer just isn't fair when you want a small paragraph text or the correct answer.
You wouldn't believe how many meta questions we get that are copies of previous ones. The 'this is now and not before' never applies really. Tell me more about how the site has completely changed since this was suggested last.
I was told this answer has been asked before, others commented wheres the link. I sugges this question should be brought up regulary because times change and well it wouldn't hurt for people to have some more time writing up an answer. Semp I'm sure you can agree because you have a good reputation of writing good answers which have a lot of info involved. Imagine if the answer got selected within a minute. It's happened to me twice already.
Actually I think it makes little differnce. I've had cases where I answer after the BA but end up getting it simply because I had a much better answer.  Generally speaking if your answer outclasses someone else's by a fair bit the asker will reselect the BA. If they're fairly  similar ....Well can't complain really then.. Also it sounds to me like  you're worrying about points. Points don't mean jack.
Also in accordance to your example a lot of BAs are chosen in an hour. and a lot of the chosen answers are good quality. http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/191861/what-the-chance-of-pokemon-hitting-pokemon-in-this-scenario was one of mine I got chosen in roughly an hour a little under I think.
You also have to remember unnecessary detail is useless. If a question can be answered with a simple sentence to the fullest then I de no reason why someone who does that shouldn't get the BA
I agree that it's a nice thing, but realistically I don't believe it will work, due to some users stopping caring after their question is answered and never picking a BA due to the amount of time it would take.