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I have 40 points on pokebase (not meta) but I can't upvote!!! Why? Was there a privilege change or something because I read all the rules! Please help!

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Well you currently have 42 points on Pokebase and your right on the List of Privileges and Required Points Page it says you need 40 points to up vote, and even though you have more than the required amount you still do not have that privilege.

So I went on your profile and up voted one of your questions to test something out and it appears after I voted you up (bringing your points total to 52) your now able to vote up and flag. My guess is Pokemaster has probably changed the amount of points you need to up vote to 50.

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Noooo! I can't upvote anymore
but i can up-vote at 40 points o_0
Hmm must be something wrong then, I can still up vote and he didn't gain the privilege until I voted him up and brought his total to 52 ponts despite having 42 points. Maybe this is only effecting certain users there goes my theory out the window anyway.
Ok I figured it out!  It takes 40 to upvote ON META and 50 to upvote ON POKEBASE.  I think Pokemaster changed it to 50.  Thx Dan!
Ah, I see so my theory was correct after all, your welcome :)

Btw qwertyzoom44, this answer was to do with 50 points being the amount of points needed to up vote on POKEBASE. When you commented saying you could still up vote and only had 40 points I thought my theory was flawed but it turns out you had that 40 points on META and over 500 points on POKEBASE.
sorry, didn't read the question properly