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Okay so, I added up 10 points for all of my recieved upvotes and 20 points for all of my BA's and the 2 points you get from selecting BA's. The I took away 10 points for each downvote. The took away 2 points for the downvote I voted on someone.

It all adds up to 448 (if you do the math you'll see it too). Now, I'm not complaining about my 30 extra points, but I'm curious to know how it got there.
I'm wondering if maybe you get back the points you lost from a downvote after several months?

Thanks in advance :D

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My calculations leave you at 468. Did you count the 20 start points?
No, I did not XD
If you down vote a post and then it gets hidden, apparently "the 2 points gets returned eventually, I think" (quote from the points system page)
well one of my early answers was pretty bad so i hid it. Is this the cause? I remember it had downvotes
I don't think my comment is relevant, anyways so the current calculation gives you 468 points, you probably just got up voted recently, and the new 10 points has gone through, but the fact that you have received the up vote being stated isn't on your wall yet. If that makes sense :3

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The math suggest you have 468, the last 10 points might not be counted because a question or an answer you had a vote on was hidden. Anyway, the math is:

20 starting points + 30 points from selecting Best Answers + 200 points from being selected Best Answer + 280 points from upvotes - 60 points from downvotes - 2 points from downvoting someone.

So: 20+30+200+280-60-2=468. Its most likely because you have a vote not listed because you have had a question or answer hidden. Don't forget to add points from selecting Best

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I forgot to add the points from signing up..