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This way the users who don't intend to use the Pokebase for asking and answering can use the functionality of the wall, such as asking authority for help, or organizing trades and battles without both users needing to be on at the same time.

Not like somebody would make an account, then come back in two weeks and spam everybody's wall. I have a feeling most trolls aren't that patient.

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But there's those advertising companies that will wait around for 2 weeks to spam their company on walls.
I think it's fine the way it is really - as long as an account does something upvote-worthy, they've contributed something. Then they can spam us to death and we can ban them and so on and so forth.

Trolls, or scam accounts, or anything of that kind, would be willing to wait, I'm sure.
Well, alot of non-trolls on DB don't ACTUALLY answer or ask questions on Pokebase
Imo this is a gud idea
When you have automated systems that launch content automatically, they can just go off once the two week period is up.

I think it can be better to just give moderators and/or editors to be able to give wall posting manually. Make a meta post requesting it and boom, done.
I think the 30 points system works fine. It's not hard to get 30 points as it's say a single upvote or five dished out BAs.
Maybe a better idea is a month or 30 points.

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