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I figured This out, it's because if the question takes too long to be approved (i dont know exactly how long probably an hour or 2), it doesnt show up in the Recent Activity page. (they show up every where else, just not in the Recent Activity one.)

The problem is either that the "asked X hours ago" thing is broken, or these questions dont show up on the lists because i get questions that say "asked 5 hours ago" with only 2 views (and i refresh the Recent Activity page every few minutes), is that a problem with the timer or the sections?

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I think you are talking about these,They are different pages: and
I am not sure though
no, im talking about the Recent Activity page.

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Sometimes on the Recent Activity page the questions are just "Blank Question" answered by XXX. Just hit the Recent Activity page button again and there should be everything there like "commented by XXX" or "edited by XXX". So just hit the button again and you should be good to go. I've experienced this too

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