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No, we don't.

PM was going to make one, but it ended up just being more work than he deemed necessary. He may decide to just give the info, but it's unlikely he'll try to do it again.

Anyway, if possible, just use the phone to connect to the internet and take it off the site. Ideally, you should know as much info as possible, especially during battles, but I can't expect that from everyone :P.

>We used to have an mobile web app but it got discontinued for a few reasons:

  • The new design on the main site is "responsive" so the same page works on mobile and desktop.
  • The old web app was a hassle to maintain and keep updated.
  • We can't have an full app in any of the app stores because Nintendo get them removed.

>If you have some specific problems with the mobile site please let me know and I can work on fixing them. - PM

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Ok thank you Sir :)