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Decided to make a new thread myself for this so I can get the responses via email. Here you can report any minor errors with the main site instead of starting a lot of new questions. Things you can report here include:

  • Spelling/grammar errors.
  • Incorrect data (e.g. Pokemon with the wrong abilities listed, moves with the wrong power/type and so on).
  • Missing pictures (sprites, icons and artwork).

As I fix the errors, the answers will be hidden. Try and keep comments to a minimum to avoid clogging up the page, stick to important things like additions/corrections to the corrections. Remember, small corrections only!

Please, post corrections as ANSWERS, not comments. Thanks :)

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Munchlax/Snorlax can be found in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon on Route 1, the same place as Sun and Moon. Their pages say you can only get them by migrating, and the Route 1 page doesn't have them for the Ultra games.

In fact, Route 1 has a few pokemon missing for the Ultra games; Bonsly, Pikipek, Happiny, etc.

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On Greninja's page, the Ash-Greninja picture was swapped to the one in the Anime art style. It used to be the Sugimori one.

Thanks, I've reverted the pic back to the proper one. Not sure how it got switched, maybe when I added the "additional artwork" section as I spent a while reorganising things.
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Giratina's additional art is missing this:

Zygarde is missing this:

Also, all the monthly legendary Pokémon are missing their new art for their events.

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Thanks, I've added all the art so far for the "Pokemon Legendary" promo. Just need December's when it releases.
I think the "Pokémon Legendary" events end in November, there might be a normal event though (like Poipole).
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When viewing the Database page for Landorus-Therian, it still shows Sheer Force as a Hidden Ability after Intimidate, but the Therian Form doesn't get Sheer Force.

Side note: This is also incorrect on Tornadus and Thundurus's pages: their Therian Forms list the Hidden Ability Defiant, but they simply don't have an Hidden Ability when in Therian Form. :P
Thanks, I’ve fixed it now.
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Why do the learnset sections of Pokedex pages not have a tab for SM?

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This should probably be fixed, even if they are the same.
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Hello! I'm back to going though all the moves (on M now). Due to the length of postings, this is now the 4th post

Magnetic Flux is in dire need to be revised.

Firstly, the Move Target claims to affect 1 adjacent Pokemon, but looking at both Bulbapedia and Smodon shows the move affects All Allies, including User, which makes more sense given the effect

Secondly, the Effect fails to note by how much Defense and Special Defense is raised. A simple correction for this would be:

Magnetic Flux raises the Defense and Special Defense of all ally Pokémon with the Plus or Minus abilities by one stage, including the user.

Additional minor corrections:

Mat Block's Move Target claims to be on a single adjacent Pokemon, but this is conttradicted by other sites, as well as the move's description. The move should actually affect User and all Allies

Memento's Effect is a bit poorly worded, and not up to the same standard as other Effects. A clearer description would be "The user of this move faints, lowering the Attack and Special Attack of the target by 2 stages as it does so". Note: this is sort of similar to another post from 4 years ago, where you said you'd expand this move's Effect, so I guess this is also a reminder.

Mist's Effect is a bit poorly worded, and not up to the same standard as other Effects. A clearer description would be "The user and its allies are protected from stat reduction for 5 turns".
In addition, the Effect on the moves page should be changed to "User and its allies' stats cannot be changed for 5 turns."

Pay Day's Effect is very sparse and does not convey the effect of the move, simply saying "A small amount of money is gained after the battle resolves." This Effect should be altered to something like this "The user deals damage, and coins fall to the ground equaling the level of the user at the end of the battle. These coins will be collected by the trainer at the battle's conclusion, assuming they win. This effect can be repeated multiple times, and the effects will stack. In addition, notes should be added about the effects of items/abilities that multiply the effects of Pay Day (like Amulet Coin)

Pollen Puff's Effect is a copy of its description and does not give great details on the effect toward an ally. An improved Effect would read as such "Pollen Puff's effect depends on which Pokemon is targeted. If it targets a foe, the user deals damage and has no secondary effect. If it targets an ally, the user heals the target for up to 505 of its max HP"

Psychic Terrain's Effect mentions that it boosts Psychic type moves, but does not mention by how much (50%)

Moonlight's and Morning Sun's, and Synthesis' Effects are very sparse on information and definitely need updating. Both moves Effects should be changed to something akin to the following (they have the same effect)

The user recovers HP based on the weather.
If the weather is Harsh Sunlight, the user regains 2/3 of its max HP
If the weather is Clear/No Weather, the user regains 1/2 its max HP
If the weather is any other weather, the user regains 1/4 its max HP

Note: This correction is similar to another made 4 years ago.

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Up to Post 6 here (and on to letter R)

Spectral Thief's Effect is copy/paste from its description and does not match the quality of other Effects. A better wording would be

"Spectral thief steals the target's stat boosts, then deals damage. if the move misses, no stats boosts are taken."

Other sites mention that stat boosts taken are taken only up to +6 (for example, If Marshadow has +1 Attack, and Charizard has +6 Attack, Spectral Thief will result in Marshadow taking +5, leaving itself with +6, and Charizard with a +1), but I could not corroborate this. Also, notes on the effects of abilities such as Simple and Contrary should be added (since Abilities aren't my specialty, I'll leave that to someone else).

Additional minor corrections:

Revenge's Effect is very simple and does not match the quality of the other effects on the site. A better wording would be "If the target has already hit the user this turn, the power of Revenge doubles"

Rototiller's Move Target incorrectly claims the move only targets a single adjacent pokemon, even though the Effect says it targets all grass-type Pokemon on the field

Shadow Bone's Effect is a copy/paste of its description and does not match other Effects. A better wording would be "The user deals damage and has a 20% chance to lower the target's Defense by 1 stage"

Shell Trap's Effect is almost copy/pasted from the description and does not well convey the move's Effect, A better Wording would be as such: "Shell trap sets a trap before any target moves, and the user is set with a -3 priority. If a target hits the user with a Physical attack before the user moves, the target is dealt damage. (Enter) if no target hits the user before its turn, the move fails.

Shore Up's Effect is a copy/paste of its description, and does not match the quality of other Effects on the site. An improved wording would be something like "The user regains up to 1/2 its max HP. (Enter) If Shore up is used during a sandstorm, the health regains increases to 2/3 its max HP."

Sky Uppercut's description is a bit bare and doesn't really make clear what the move's effect is. An improved wording would be "Sky uppercut hits the target, including during the semi-invulnerable phase of moves such as Fly, Bounce, or Sky Drop"

Smart Strike's Effect is copy/pasted from its description and does not fit with others similar to it. A better wording would be "Smart Strike deals damage and bypasses Accuracy checks to always hit. However, it will not hit Pokémon during the invulnerable stage of Bounce, Dig, Dive, Fly, Shadow Force or Sky Drop.

Spiky Shield is incorrectly listed as targeting an adjacent Pokemon, rather than the User

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On to post 7, and about 2/3 through S. I'll miss going through these when I reach the end

Stomping Tantrum's Effect is a copy/past of its description and does not match the quality of other Effects on the site. A better-worded Effect would be something like this:

"If the user's previous move was a success, Stomping Tantrum deals damage and has no secondary effect

"If the user's previous move failed to deal damage, the move's power doubles.

Additional details would need to be included about the effects of moves such as Protect/Detect, and whether the move triggers from moves such as High Jump Kick. As these are not my strong suit, I will leave this section to others.

Additional minor corrections:

Spotlight's Effect is copy/pasted from its description and does not match the quality of other Effects on the site. A better wording would be "The target becomes the center of attention, causing all other moves to target this Pokemon. This move overwrites other effects that cause redirection, such as Abilities like Lightningrod or Moves like Follow Me. The move has priority +3, so it will activate before most other moves."

Strength Sap's Effect is a copy/paste of its description and does not reflect the quality of other Effects. An improved wording would be "The user restores its HP by the same amount as the target's Attack stat. The target's Attack stat is then lowered by one stage. (Enter) Strength Sap is still usable even if the user's HP is full, and the Attack stat will still be lowered. However, the move will fail if the target's Attack stat has already been reduced fully (-6).
Additionally, effects of Items like Big Root, abilities like Liquid Ooze, and moves like Mist will need including, but as this is not my specialty, I will leave it for others.

Struggle's Effect is out of date as of Gen 4, and should be updated to account for it only attacking foes, for it bypassing accuracy to always hit (ignoring semi-invulnerable states). and always dealing 1/4 of user's max HP as recoil. A correction to cover all this goes as follows: "The user deals typeless damage, but takes recoil damage equal to 1/4 of its max HP. Struggle is automatically used when no other move is capable of being used, either due to all moves having 0 PP, or due to the effects of other moves such as Disable. Struggle bypasses accuracy checks to always hit, except for during semi-invulnerable stats such as Fly or Dig. (Enter) Changes: (Enter) In Generations 1-3, Struggle dealt recoil damage based on the amount of damage dealt to the target. In Generation 1, the recoil damage equal 1/2 damage dealt, whereas in Generations 2-3, this was decreased to 1/4 damage dealt. (Enter) In Generation 1, Struggle had an accuracy of 100%. (Enter) In Generation 1, Struggle dealt Normal-type damage"

Substitute's page is so barren, I don't think I could even cover everything that needs to be covered without parsing through hours of changelogs per generation, so I'll be short and use this more as a reminder on this page. As a start, the description should be revised to note that it takes 1/4 of the user's max HP to create the substitute. In addition, I'll link here to the post about all the moves not blocked by substitute as a reminder to PM

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8th post here. I think this one may be it...

Imprison's Move Effect incorrectly claims the move targets all foes, rather than the user

Taunt's Effect does not enumerate how long the move lasts, and also uses "opponents" instead of "targets". An improved description would be along the lines of "The target is barred from using status moves. The effect lasts for 3 turns if the user goes before the target, and 4 turns if the target goes before the user."

Tearful Look's Effect is a copy/paste of the move's description and is very sparse on the move's effects. A better worded and expanded description would be "Lowers the target's Attack and Sp. Attack stats by 1 stage each. (Enter) Tearful Look bypasses accuracy to always hit, except during semi-invulnerable stages of moves like Dig or Fly. Tearful Look will even hit through Protect or Detect."

Teleport's out-of-battle effect has been removed as of Gen 7

Toxic Thread's Effect is a copy/paste of its description and does not match the quality of other Effects on the site. An improved wording would be "The target is poisoned, and the target's Speed stat is reduced by 1 stage."

Twister's Effect claims it has a 30% chance to cause Flinching, but other sources and the "All Moves" page say the move has a 20% chance.

Venom Drench's Effect on the "All Moves" page fails to note that the move affects Attack, and just says Sp. Attack and Speed.

Venoshock's Effect claims the move inflicts double damage, but other sites and the move's description say the move doubles in power

Water Sport's and Mud Sport's Effects both say the type's damage is reduced by 50%, rather than 67% damage.

Wish's Effect is very sparse and does not really cover what the move's effects are. An improved/expanded wording would be "The user makes a wish for healing. At the end of the next turn, the pokemon in the user's location will be healed by half the user's maximum HP."

Zing Zap Effect is copy/pasted from its description and does not match the quality of other effects on the site. An improved description would be " The user deals damage and has a 30% chance of causing the target to flinch, if the target has not yet moved. (Enter) Pokémon with the ability Inner Focus or those behind a Substitute cannot be made to flinch.

What a ride it has been, but I have gone through all the moves and hit all the issues I've seen. Hope this list helps out, and thank you for the good resource! :)

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1 vote 9? I thought I was done? Well, guess not...

Ion Deluge is incorrectly listed as affecting a single adjacent Pokemon, rather than everyone on the field. Also, the page fails to list that Ion Deluge has a +1 priority

Crafty Shield is incorrectly listed as affectinng a single adjacent Pokemon, rather than the user and all allies

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The information for Parental Bond is incorrect. This site displays it as the second attack, done by the baby, deals 50% the damage of the mother. From Gen 7 onwards, it got nerfed down to 25%.

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Sometimes (quite often) when you open any DB page, the search bar doesnt give a list of suggestions as you're typing and you have to refresh to get it back.

Are you doing it before the page has finished loading? What happens if you click out of the box then back in the box again?
It still doesn't show the suggestions, it seems to be an issue with the version of the page, until I refresh
I had about 3 month's worth of cookies on my browser. After clearing them the issue seems to be fixed.
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Jynx's Virtual Console Pokémon Yellow sprite is missing from its spritedex. (It's the exact same as the regular yellow sprite, except it's skin is now purple, for obvious reasons.)

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The Wimpod at Poni Wilds can only be found at night; I've tested and confirmed this myself.

Bulbapedia says the encounter chance is 100% regardless of the time of day.
Serebii also says it can be encountered at any time.
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Berserk Gene is a hold item from generation 2 (I just learned this from a question on PB and decided to search for it) but it's not listed anywhere on the site.

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A whole lot of items are missing from the item page. PM never really finished it.
People actually learn from me? Maybe not everything I say is silly garbage after all.
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I believe that on this page (and on the Water Bubble ability page as well) there is an error. The Water Bubble ability also reduces the damage done to this pokémon by fire type attacks by half. Both the type defenses section of Araquanid's page and the ability's page do not show this.
I really love this site and hope I can improve it.
Now i should really get back to homework.

Thanks, finally got around to updating this (and some similar ability like Prism Armor and Fluffy).
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Pokémon Rumble series Pokémon artwork.

All the Pokémon with Pokémon Rumble artwork are missing their Pokémon Rumble artwork in "Additional Artwork".

Pokémon that are missing their Rumble series artwork:
Mega Sceptile
Mega Blaziken
Mega Swampert
Primal Groudon
Primal Kyorgre
Mega Rayquaza
Mega Diancie

I think that's all of them.

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Can you give an example of Rumble World artwork?
Yes. I just added an example.
How many are there? I've only been able to find a handful. Seems like they didn't make art for every Pokemon in the game.
I guess I'll have to find every Pokémon with Rumble World art for you (This will take a while).
@Pokemaster, Also, not every Pokémon has art. I gathered the Pokémon that do have art.
@Azelfeo No, I usually get art direct from official sources like press releases.

@Vulpix I think I've found all the official Rumble World art. But I'm not sure yet if I will add it, since I don't really focus too much on spin-off games (and it will open up a can of worms with art for 50 other games...)
Oh, okay.
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The list of side Pokémon games here (on the right side) is missing these games (I'm gonna list apps too if there are any):

  • Pokémon Playhouse (Mobile)
  • Pokkén Tournament (Wii U)
  • Pokkén Tournament DX (Nintendo Switch)
  • Magikarp Jump (Mobile)
  • My Pokémon Ranch (WiiWare)
  • Pokémon TV (Mobile)
  • Pokémon Duel (Mobile)
  • Pokémon TCG Online (Mobile)
  • Pokémon Quest (Nintendo Switch)
  • Pokémon Conquest (DS)
  • Detective Pikachu (3DS)
  • Hey You, Pikachu! (Nintendo 64)
  • Pokémon Channel (GameCube)
  • Pokémon Trading Card Game (Game Boy Color)
  • Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR! (Game Boy Color)
  • Pokémon Pinball (Game Boy Color)
  • Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire (Game Boy Advance)
  • Pokémon Puzzle League (Nintendo 64)
  • Pokémon Puzzle Challenge (Game Boy Color)
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Keep Going! Blazing Adventure Squad (WiiWare)
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Let's Go! Stormy Adventure Squad (WiiWare)
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Go For It! Light Adventure Squad (WiiWare)
  • Pokéland (Mobile)
  • Pokémon Trozei! (DS)
  • Pokémon Battle Trozei (3DS)
  • Pokémon Battrio (Arcade)
  • Pokémon Tretta (Arcade)
  • Pokémon Tretta Lab (3DS)

@Pokemaster - I was trying to organize the games the way you like to so you don't have to, but I think I failed.

It's not as good as whole pages for these games but there could at least be names. This site's list of spin-off games won't be a short list for long (EDIT: I guess it will)! There could also be a sentence under the list that says: "For more information, you can search a desired game from this list on the internet."

This was really time consuming :/. The page about Pokémon GO needs some help. And Pokémon Shuttle's page has a link to a list of unavailable Pokémon and most of them are currently available now. Shuffle needs help too.

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@sumwun - - If there's that many Pokemaster will probably never add them... Wait a minute: "Short list of the most popular spin-off games". Popular spin-off games? I think Pokemaster is aware that games are missing and these are the games he believes are popular... That can't be right. I'll add the rest to my list when I'm on a computer. Thanks sumwun.
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Zeraora is missing it's other artwork:

This and This.

Are those official art? Where did you get them from?
The second one is official (source: ), and the first one was revealed at a Japanese conference (source: Serebii).
The first one looks anime like so I don't think it should be added. The second one is it's event artwork so it should be added.
I think the first one is what they used when revealing Zeraora on Pokenchi. Not sure if it's true official art (in the sense that it's given out publicly for the press to use etc). I've added the second one as it pertains to the event.
Okay. (filler)
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The Master Trainers scroll-down list for Level doesn't list them in increasing or decreasing order due to the —. Also, there are Master Trainers for Meltan and its evolution. Here is the vid for reference (Timestamp at 46:11).

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