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Decided to make a new thread myself for this so I can get the responses via email. Here you can report any minor errors with the main site instead of starting a lot of new questions. Things you can report here include:

  • Spelling/grammar errors.
  • Incorrect data (e.g. Pokemon with the wrong abilities listed, moves with the wrong power/type and so on).
  • Missing pictures (sprites, icons and artwork).

As I fix the errors, the answers will be hidden. Try and keep comments to a minimum to avoid clogging up the page, stick to important things like additions/corrections to the corrections. Remember, small corrections only!

Please, post corrections as ANSWERS, not comments. Thanks :)

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I went below 25 points on pokebase and my comment did not need aproval.

I'm pretty sure only questions and answers need to be approved.
Oh really?
Yeah. Comments requirement of points is like 20 or under, so it only happens if you get downvoted.
Comments do require approval on Meta and RMT, but not on PokeBase. I'm not sure the rationale behind this, so I might ask at some point.
I already asked and nobody responded.
Well actually this is pokebase where it happened but i hope someone responds.
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The size list page has an error. When put in order of height or weight, somewhere in there linoone appears where it shouldn't and the ordering goes out of wack. Also, all the Galarian Mons appear right next to each other even when sorting with height and weight.