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The rule makes sense to avoid spamming on other people's walls, (despite it happening plenty anyway, eg: spooky skeleton :P) but people should be able to post on their own profile wall to do things such as reply to others' comments, post updates, etc.

well usually you should reply to a comment on the wallposter's wall.
but posting on your own wall really should be allowed from the start.
I always wondered why you can't post on your own wall at first.
Tbh, posting on your own wall and putting it on your profile do the same thing. But in case you wanted to reply to someone, being able to post on your own wall is kinda a good idea.
I'll leave this up though, since it brings more attention to a really good idea :)
I like the idea, but the only problem I see is if someone spams profanity or bad links on their wall. Maybe make it for if they've contributed to the site in some way or if their account is a certain number of days old, or the ability for mods to edit/delete wall posts (idk how hard these would be, though)
^ also wall posts (correct me if I'm wrong) cannot be externally deleted or hidden by any authority other than PM himself. Meaning those links will stay until he doesn't personally delete them (odds of that are…hmm…).
Banning the user wouldn't help clear his wall, and constantly pestering PM for that matter doesn't sound too good.
I agree. I never use the Battle Subway section, so I still only have 20 points there and can't post on my wall there, but I can post on my wall on PokeBase and the Meta section, which I use a lot. It doesn't make any sense for a user to not be allowed to post on their own wall.
You make a good point, but isn't that what the About Me part of your profile for? I personally don't think that rule is a necessity, but I guess it could work. Or you could always try to contribute to Pokebase and try earning those points to post on walls.

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This isn't possible with the current version of Q2A, sorry.

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That's fine, thank you for answering.