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Hey you, yeah you there in the edgy team Litten clothes, wanna see the world's worst moveset answer in the world? I will show you it whether you like it or not! Haha sucks right! Anyways, I was wondering if we were aloud to necro post because someone else including me did it. Goodbye edgy Undertale and Greninja fan! Get out of my house!

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I believe so, yes. Comments on old answers? Not sure.

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You can indeed answer old moveset questions and threads. These pages still get visits from people looking for movesets or whatever else so updating them with new content is never a bad thing.

Commentating on super old answers in said threads isn't great however, since it clogs down the recent activity page and it's highly unlikely that the original poster will ever see it anyway.

Tl;dr go nuts answering.

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Global rule: if what you're posting is informative and offers new insight then you can post it regardless of the date. Adding an original moveset post is informative and offers new insight. This rule applies to everything, generally the only thing I'll take down is a rehash of an existing answer or a pointless comment that clogs the activity list for no good reason.