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Like if i had a Pokemon that i think is competitive, where do i post it so people can rate it?

Since people are posting it on PokéBase and ain't getting flagged of it, I think PokéBase.
And: Rate My TEAM.
Moveset questions are also asked on PokéBase.

So I think PokéBase.
If you want to post it on PokeBase, you’d need to fit these parameters:
Otherwise, there are some threads for other content on the RMT section if you just want general (not specific) advice.
For a while I’ve wanted it to be so you can post these in RMT as a full thread. I’ll address this again at some point.

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This thread exists, so use this. Though I'll reword the question and title a bit so it's not actually 1v1 focused. If you want to post a full 1v1 Metagame team, you can do that separately.

(I think this is right but if I messed up just hide it)

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