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I was looking at the Meta-pokebase and I was on my account. While there I noticed that my wall had the same posts as there are on the pokebase (which is normal) but it wouldn't let me post on the wall.

So what I'm saying is, if you can wall-post on one of the sites, you should be able to post on both. That way you don't have to switch back every time you want to wall post.

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This has already been suggested. I'm not going to close/hide currently because it was suggested a while ago and there was not an official response from PM.

In the Meta section, you need 30pts to post on the wall. Here are other privileges in this Section:

25 to post anything without ‘approve’ prompt
30 to post on walls
30 to vote up
40 to flag
60 to vote down
1,000 to retag questions made by other people
2,000 to edit posts made by other people