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When you hit 800 points on RMT, you can retag things.
When you hit 1,000 points on RMT, you can edit things.

When you get 900 points on Meta, you can retag things.
When you get 2,000 points on Meta, you can edit things.

But you can’t edit or retag things on different communities, which doesn’t make sense to me. Fizz once said the reason you need to gain a certain amount of points to become an Expert is because you need to prove you have he dedication and to gain trust. Why does it not build trust and prove dedication on Meta and RMT? Why just Q&A? Also, yes, I may or may not just be asking this because I want to be an Expert. #Exposed

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The 6000 point thing was an arbitrary goal created to address someone's contribution to the site and their dedication. Pokebase is the easiest to get points on and therefore it became the section that you needed to have points on. It was also the most active section, so knowing what you're doing and saying in the green was arguably more important than the orange and grey.

As to why Pokebase only - a couple of reasons.

It was just easier having a single goal rather than various possible goals. PB is the most active section anyway and the easiest to get points in as mentioned, so virtually everyone would get 6000 there before 2000 and 1000 in Meta and RMT respectively (it is 2000 points to edit in Meta btw, I know because I am only one of two users to ever be able to edit in Meta before Pokebase).

Actually, thats relevant too. Only 2 users have reached 2000 on Meta before they were Expert - me and Ayan. Likewise only 2 users have done the same on RMT - JCM and SlipperyDevil (the latter of which only hit 1000 after he left the site so really only 1).

The point I'm making is that it was never an issue. It didn't happen because it never needed to happen.

Also Mods can just promote at will now so it's not relevant anymore regardless.

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Yay, I can be the third ever person to pass the RMT expert privilege point goal before becoming an actual expert.

I can also be the very first ever person to be an RMT expert without ever becoming an expert
There are a few users who got 2000 points in Meta without ever becoming an expert.
Like who? I was pretty sure it was just me and ayan. Sciz, kijani, flare, indi all were experts first
Victini still isn't an expert.
Right yeah, but that's still only 2. You said there were a few.
I think 2 is a few. It's fewer than 3.