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Scizor was originally a Scyther in an earlier design. When the site was updated with a new design, it also evolved to Scizor. The reason for Scyther and Scizor being mascots are because they were favorites of Pokemaster. As for Zeraora, idk.

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To quote from Pokemaster:

The original design used to have Scyther and Electivire. Scyther was always one of my favourites since Gen 1. I did like Electabuzz, but it and Electivire were not favourites - it was mainly chosen because it fitted in well with the design and made it more colourful (green Scyther + yellow Electivire + blue text).

>Scizor is also a favourite, so when I redesigned the site I “evolved” the mascot to be Scizor. (There wasn’t room for any other Pokemon in the new header.)

As for Zeraora I imagine it ended up replacing Electivire on the site for the same reason. That's just my thoughts on it.

Thank you!
Yeah this is basically it. When I made the current design there was a gap on the right that needed filling and Zeraora fitted nicely :)