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I have found that humans, with their predictable ambitions, are easier to use and control than a freak without a human heart.

Signups will be open until June 14th.

Everyone, welcome to the Plasma Tourney! To participate in this tournament please read these guidelines. All battles will be held on the DB Showdown! server. Please allow posts on your wall to make scheduling battles with your opponent much smoother.

How the Tournament Works

  • Each Player starts off with a team of 3 Pokémon
  • After a battle, the winner gets to choose one of their opponents Pokémon to add to their team
  • Everything is passed over when you steal a Pokémon (EVs, moves, nature, etc.)
  • No changing your Pokemon in between rounds
  • Regular OU tournament with regular Smogon bans
  • Put your username in each of your original Pokémon's nicknames, (e.g. The Noby's Garchomp) so you can tell who's Pokémon you have

Matches will be held in a bracket style.

If we have a number of participants that is not equal to (2^randomNumber), then a few of the battles in the first round of will be held like this:
(P1 vs. P2) vs P3t
In that case, P1 and P2 will face each other with their team of 3 Pokémon, but the winner of the match will NOT steal one of the other players Pokémon. Then, the winner of P1 vs P2 will go up against P3, and the winner of that match WILL steal of the other players Pokémon. Make sense?

How to signup

To join all you have to do is put an answer on this question. The answer must include your timezone, Showdown! username, and what you want banned.
For example:

Timezone: CDT
Username: MoonlitMadness
Bans: None

Next match

The next round matchups will be released on June 14th. The battles will be due by June 28.

After finding who your opponent is, it is the job of the 2 of you to schedule your battle.

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Are we allowed to change our original 2 or 3 Pokemon between rounds?
@sumwun no.
I would join, but I have to make sure I have time to do so before signing up. :P
Do we have to follow everyone's bans or do you get to decide when the Matchups are given?
@Gekky, most wanted 0 bans, apart from OU ones, so we will go with those. I am posting matchups today.
Ok cool.

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Round 1 Matchups

Molthree vs serif ----> serif vs ForretressExplosion
Tunemazing Tuna vs BlackAce ----> BlackAce vs superworm576
SeeYaLater! vs sumwun ----> SeeYaLater! vs Gekky
KRLW890 vs TheDarkSamurott

Matches are due June 21st, but asks for extensions will be allowed for valid reasons.

Disqualified: Tunemazing Tuna(Banned on Pokebase), serif(Asked for it)
Advancers: BlackAce, Gekky, KRLW890, and ForretressExplosion

Edit: It has been brought to my attention by sumwun that

we'll have teams of 5 in the finals. Is that what you want?

It seems I did an oopsie, and in the finals I will allow each finalist to pick one more Pokémon for their team(But I may add a twist to make the matchup more interesting...). I will not have us start with 4 Pokemon, as we already have a battle completed, and it practically does the same thing as my plan, but I am very sorry for the inconvenience.

-Black Ace

Edit: EXTENSION. As both contestants of the remaining matches are making an effort to battle, there will be a 1 week extension, and Round 3 matchups will be posted June 28th.

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I think Breloom isn't really that overpowered. SYL just happened to bring 3 Pokemon that were weak to fighting.
Lol should've thought about that.
Both serif and Foretress seemed to have forgotten about the tournament, so I think you can coinflip the match now.
@sumwun, I have spoken to Fe via Showdown adn serif via discord. Both are still in
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Timezone: CDT
Username: MoonlitMadness
Bans: None

I am number #1
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Timezone: EST
Username: Natsumi~chan
Bans: Teleport

I'm more active on Discord than on PokemonDB. If I don't respond in a match, message me at serif#6512.

You are number 2
There will be only 2 rounds when you can steal a Pokemon, so if we start with 3, then we end with 5 Pokemon. Are you willing to re-do your battle with 4 Pokemon?
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Time zone: UCT-5
Username: KRLW890
Bans: none

You are number 3
KRLW890, i searched your username on showdown for a challenge, and it did not come up. I spelled it correctly, so are you sure that is your username?
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GMT -13
allow everything (that is allowed in OU)

For tournaments like this, I think you should wait until signups close, and then take out the last signup until the signups are a (integer) power of 2. If you don't, then some people will battle one fewer round than everyone else, which I think is especially unfair in a tournament like this, where you get to do something with your opponent after every round.

I’m personally fine with BlackAce’s idea. Either that, or we can just wait until we get 16 people. Not sure how long that’ll take, though.
Although I have another question. What happens if someone doesn’t show up? Does the person they were up against create a new member for their team or steal from another one of the losers?
At that point, I think you should pick one of the non chosen Pokémon that other players didn't pick. While this may sound unfair, remember that you are basically getting second picks. And if more than one people don't show up, the host can pit groups of two people who's partners left together and the last one gets to do the second picks. Or I could be wrong. :P
I think the Black person can require everyone to privately send their teams of 3 or 4 before the tournament starts. I trust him/her/it to not counter-team too many of us.
> What happens if someone doesn’t show up? Does the person they were up against create a new member for their team or steal from another one of the losers?

I will just have you choose it, I guess. We'll see as we go along
sumwun: #4
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Timezone: CEST

Nickname: TheWhiteTiger727

Bans: none

Also nice job with the signups <3

You are number 5
Can you copy-paste your snorlax to my wall?
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Time zone: EST
Username: Darksamurott37
Bans: everything already banned in OU.

There is a slight possibility that I might not be there right at 3, but if not, then worst case scenario, I’ll definitely be there at 4:00. Probably closer to 3:30.
I had a family emergency come up, and I know you’re unsure of when you can battle, and I’m sorry that things keep coming g up, but could we possibly do tomorrow at 5:00 est? Again, it was really Important, and I’m very sorry, but 5 tomorrow would work.
I should be able to make that
Oh shoot, that's right. "1 day ago" means anywhere between 24 and 48 hours ago, so you very likely sent that late Thursday referring to Friday. And I probably could have made that time Friday, too. Well in any case, I'm also on the server right now if you can make it.
I searched your name in showdown, and it said there is no user with that name. Could you just search my name, and challenge me?
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Timezone: EDT (UTC -4)
Username: NebbyY
Bans: None

I thought... you were gone!
I was "busy".
Number 7...
There will be only 2 rounds when you can steal a Pokemon, so if we start with 3, then we end with 5 Pokemon. Are you willing to re-do your battle with 4 Pokemon?
Am I supposed to? Is this an outdated comment?
3 more battles have ended already, so yes it's outdated.
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Timezone: GMT+8
Username: A Geeky Jawa
Bans: None

Now that school's over I might have time to at least get past the first round.

Number 8....
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Bans: Mega Sableye

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As you may have noticed, it says "Bans: Mega Sableye"
Number 9.....
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I am in! Timezone: GMT-7 PDT
Bans: Baton Pass/Spectral Thief
Username: Ri Unite

Great, but could you pleaase allowed posts on your wall? Thanks!
@BlackAce people can also post on other people's answer, so it isn't that big of a deal. But having wallposts open is more 'comfortable' though.
Number 10