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Just to be sure; something is flagged when it´s against rules but...down-votes? I can imagine answers but what about questions...?

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I normally downvote just retarded questions, that may not break rules, but really shouldn't be a question.

" Where can I catch a Patrat in Pokemon Black version? "

You've almost immediately earned my downvote, unless it's by a brand new user, then I'll comment about these sort of things being easy to look up, Blah blah blah.
Nice, THX ;)
Ha-ha with the patrat thing
"Protect or Detect?" XD
"What do typings do?" Seriously, they give STAB, resistances, and weaknesses.

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For questions:

  • Flag it if the question is against the rules, or otherwise requires moderator attention (e.g. to solve dispute over whether it is allowed).
  • Vote it down if the question is bad in another way, for example terrible spelling, impossible to understand etc. In your case though you can just edit it if possible :)

For answers:

  • Flag it if the answer is inappropriate in some way or breaks the rules (e.g. it's not an actual answer and should be a comment).
  • Vote down if the answer is incorrect. (Side note: on the RMT section only vote down answers if they're really bad, because some answers may not be great but still not technically wrong.)

For comments:

  • They should be flagged if they are rude or insulting for no reason. For example if an answer is bad you might downvote it and post a polite comment saying that it's wrong. But saying "you're dumb" or stuff like that is not welcome here and should be flagged.
  • Also comments should be reasonably on-topic relating to the question or answer. A random comment like "hey what's your favourite Pokemon" should be taken to the chat.
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How about for comments?
if it is rude or insulting
@ Conkeldude1

Not really, you aren't supposed to be rude to other users, but a seemingly rude comment doesn't need to be flagged.
OK updated with a few points on comments. Yes, insulting comments should be flagged.
" For no reason "
I take it, if someone gives me crappy advice on a team and I tell them pretty much exactly why it's crappy advice, and that it is crappy advice, that's not something to be flagged, right?
I Prefer To Flag Rather Than Down-Vote...
I asked a moveset question for a Pokemon who had no moveset, and it was flagged. Is that okay?
It was flagged because movesets for NFE pokemon usually go under their Final Evolution's Moveset question.
That makes sense! Thanks!
I don't know why I had a flag just because someone couldn't understand the answer....
Down voting is annyoing. I perfer someone flaging me but that is me
I had a question asking for someone to recommend a moveset but it got flagged. Why?
Hilarious idea: Flag this question :3
Why I got flag on my question? I just ask to need know which pokemon possible won in battle..... I just do not understand. Someone put stupid flag on my question!
Your post got a flag because it was perceived as potentially against the rules, and required moderator attention. Please, there is no reason to react like this. A moderator will make a decision, and if your post is allowed then the flag will be cleared. It is not a big deal.