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Just to be sure; something is flagged when it´s against rules but...down-votes? I can imagine answers but what about questions...?

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I normally downvote just retarded questions, that may not break rules, but really shouldn't be a question.

" Where can I catch a Patrat in Pokemon Black version? "

You've almost immediately earned my downvote, unless it's by a brand new user, then I'll comment about these sort of things being easy to look up, Blah blah blah.
Nice, THX ;)
Ha-ha with the patrat thing
"Protect or Detect?" XD
"What do typings do?" Seriously, they give STAB, resistances, and weaknesses.

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For questions:

  • Flag it if the question is against the rules.
  • Vote it down if the question is bad in another way, for example terrible spelling, impossible to understand etc. In your case though you can just edit it if possible :)

For answers:

  • Flag it if the answer is inappropriate in some way or breaks the rules (e.g. it's not an actual answer and should be a comment).
  • Vote down if the answer is incorrect. (Side note: on the RMT section only vote down answers if they're really bad, because some answers may not be great but still not technically wrong.)

For comments:

  • They should be flagged if they are rude or insulting for no reason. For example if an answer is bad you might downvote it and post a polite comment saying that it's wrong. But saying "you're dumb" or stuff like that is not welcome here and should be flagged.
  • Also comments should be reasonably on-topic relating to the question or answer. A random comment like "hey what's your favourite Pokemon" should be taken to the chat.
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That makes sense! Thanks!
I don't know why I had a flag just because someone couldn't understand the answer....
Down voting is annyoing. I perfer someone flaging me but that is me
I had a question asking for someone to recommend a moveset but it got flagged. Why?
Hilarious idea: Flag this question :3