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Just to be sure; something is flagged when it's against rules but...down-votes? I can imagine answers but what about questions...?

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For questions:

  • Flag questions that are against the rules, or otherwise need attention from staff (e.g. due to a bad title or poor grammar).
  • Down-vote questions that you think are badly written, lack important details, aren't reasonable to answer, won't be useful to other people, etc.
  • Also down-vote lazy questions e.g. "How many Pokemon are there?"

For answers:

  • Flag it if the answer is inappropriate in some way or breaks the rules (e.g. it's not an actual answer and should be a comment).
  • Also flag if you think it should be edited for better phrasing or presentation.
  • Vote down if the answer is incorrect, gives bad advice, misses the point of the question, doesn't give enough detail, etc.
  • Incorrect answers do not break the rules. If the answer is fine apart from being incorrect, don't flag it.

For comments:

  • Flag if they are rude or insulting for no reason. For example if an answer is bad you might downvote it and post a polite comment saying that it's wrong. But saying "you're dumb" or stuff like that is not welcome here and should be flagged.
  • Comments should be on-topic, relating to the question or answer. They should be relevant in some way for people reading the question in future. A random comment like "hey what's your favourite Pokemon" should be taken to the chat.
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How about for comments?
if it is rude or insulting
@ Conkeldude1

Not really, you aren't supposed to be rude to other users, but a seemingly rude comment doesn't need to be flagged.
OK updated with a few points on comments. Yes, insulting comments should be flagged.
" For no reason "
I take it, if someone gives me crappy advice on a team and I tell them pretty much exactly why it's crappy advice, and that it is crappy advice, that's not something to be flagged, right?