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I need to know because I answered a question, but the asker said the question was unresovled, I asked what I could do to make my answer better, but he still hasn't responded yet. A couple days ago I got a downvote on that answer, so I hid it, because it was obvious that either the asker didn't answer on purpose, or was inactive, anyway, I want the answer to be deleted so I will gain back the 10 points I lost from the downvote, is there an automatic deletion system for hidden items, or does someone like a mod or editor have to come along and delete it.

I'm almost certain you won't be getting your ten points back. Just make better answers if it matters to you.
But doesn't having something be deleted remove any upvotes/downvotes a answer or question has, also, I don't know how to make that answer better, because the asker didn't tell me what I did wrong, and no one else said what I did wrong, just in case it was someone else.
I downvoted you because you only answered part of the question -- you didn't say exactly when Bidoof became a meme (assuming we're talking about the same question), and you provided no source.
Okay, yeah we are talking about the same question, and okay, now that I know the problem, I'll fix it, my source was just gathering info from other Bidoof questions.
So is this question just basically you being desperate to get ten measly points back? Or do you actually want to know how posts are deleted?
Yes, of course, I want to know how questions and answers and possibly comments are deleted.

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Yes, Pokemaster deletes posts periodically. There is a button that admins can see that automatically deletes all hidden posts if they have no 'dependents'. (That means a hidden answer with non-hidden comments won't be deleted, for example.) Pokemaster can also delete individual hidden posts manually. I don't think there is a strict timing for this.

Just going to put it out there so people know: we won't let you use this to dodge down-votes. Please do not go asking people to hide their posts so you can hide yours and get the down-votes removed. If you do it, we will go re-show one of the comments so it doesn't work.

I've said this many times and I'll say it again. Sometimes, you are going to get a down-vote and you're never going to know why or agree with the reason. That's too bad. You need to move on. We are not going to chase people for down-voting something they "shouldn't have".

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Thanks so much Fizz, and thanks for that clarification, I won't try to get rid of downvotes that way anymore.