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I was looking at the pincurchin page, along with the dragapult page, and I didn't see a shiny sprite. What's up with that?

Probably because they're new
Yeah Idt any of the gen 8 shiny sprites have been uploaded
I'm pretty sure they're shown if you click "See all [pokémon] sprites"
The website is set to display summary screen sprites in the preview for Gen 8, and summary screen sprites don't have Shiny versions. As others mentioned, you can see Shiny art if you go to the Pokemon's sprite dex page.
I think what's actually missing is separate models for the Sw/Sh games (not Home), including the Shiny versions.
Oh, ok.
I rephrased my answer.

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It because the sprites you see and the sprites used in battle are different. So if you were to play Pokémon Shield, it would show if you faught in a battle, but in the bottom left the sprite won’t show its shiny.
Main thing: battle sprites and these sprites are different unlike other Pokémon games where they’re the same.

Source=I played Shield

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uh….what? Pokemon no longer have shiny sprites in SWSH? If you’re talking about the out-of-battle sprites (like when you view the PC) they never have.
What I mean is that it only shows in battle and the sprite looks different