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Welcome to the Wonder Guard tournament! As the name suggests, all Pokemon will have the Wonder Guard ability, which gives immunity to all attacking moves that aren't super effective. Making use of type coverage and residual damage will be critical in this format.


  • No type changing (i.e. Trick-or-Treat, Camouflage, etc.)
  • No damage-reducing berries (i.e. giving Jolteon a Shuca Berry)
  • Magnet Rise, Air Balloon, and other moves/items that manipulate weaknesses are banned
  • Ring Target is banned
  • Gastro Acid is banned
  • You may not switch out on consecutive turns
  • (debatable) Weather is banned
  • (debatable) limit on number of weaknesses (i.e. no less than three weaknesses for each Pokemon)


  • Battles should be held on the DB Showdown server if possible
  • The base format will be Gen8 OU (with some changes if it comes to that)
  • In the event of a stalemate (neither player can damage the opponent), the player with more Pokemon wins, and if they have the exact same amount of Pokemon, the player whose Pokemon have a higher average % of Max HP wins
  • Spectators can't influence any player's decisions and players can't accept outside help during a match
  • You can switch teams throughout the tournament
  • Matchups will be randomized every round
  • Make sure you save your replays!

Signing Up

Guidelines for participating in tournaments

If you would like to sign up, answer below with your Pokemon Showdown username(s), your time zone, and the days and times you will generally be available to battle. Remember that GMT-based time zones are different during daylight savings time! It would also be recommended to use a time zone converter for scheduling battles.

Additionally, please list any changes you want to make to the rules/format of this tourney. For example, you may want to ban an overpowered/meta-defining Pokemon, move, or item that isn't a problem in the normal metagame, and/or unban Uber Pokemon that may be balanced under the new restrictions. If possible, at least give your input on the debatable rules which can be seen above. Explaining your decisions could be helpful. Also, please state whether or not you want the tournament to be single elimination or double elimination. For a quick rundown, double elimination puts people that lose into a separate bracket that takes place simultaneously as a the main bracket, making it so you have to lose twice to be eliminated from the tourney.

An example of a sufficient sign-up post would be

PsyKlone Wars
EST (GMT -4)
Available all day on weekends and noon-midnight on weekdays
Double elimination, ban heavy duty boots, allow weather, minimum of three weaknesses, switching in consecutive turns is allowed

After sign-ups close, I'll go over the votes and any changes that get majority support will be implemented. If two different suggestions are very similar they will be grouped together and the majority of that will be used if there's enough votes for it to be added (for example, if 4/10 want a minimum of three weaknesses and 3/10 want a minimum of two weaknesses the former will be implemented)

The deadline for signing up is Friday 6/11 at 12:00 P.M. GMT. You won't be penalized for signing up later so please think about whether or not you're committed to scheduling one battle per week before answering.


Once you've met your opponent on the DB showdown server, you'll need to challenge your opponent with a command so wonder guard can be added. Go to their username, click chat, and message them with /challenge [email protected]@@!obtainable abilities, -all abilities, +wonder guard, +cinderace, +darmanitan-galar, -heavy-duty boots or type /challenge (username), [email protected]@@!obtainable abilities, -all abilities, +wonder guard, +cinderace, +darmanitan-galar, -heavy-duty boots in chat. After any unbanned Pokemon are accounted for I will update the command in the Round 1 post.

Once the battle is finished, someone must upload the replay and send it as a comment to the thread (will be selected as BA once the tourney starts). I'll review the replay and make sure the rules were followed. If the winner broke the rules the first offense will call for a rematch, but I might DQ people who repeatedly break the rules.

If two players are unable to come up with a time to battle within a week, extensions may be given, but disqualifications will be given to players that fail to communicate or constantly fail to follow schedules properly.

Good luck!

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In that case, can you just ban all ability-manipulating moves?
Are there multiple moves that manipulate abilities? If not I’ll just put gastro acid so it’s more clear
@sumwun have you ever played Pure Hackmons? If Gastro Acid makes you switch, you get a free turn to do anything. That free turn matters.

And oh okay.
So it would be useful but not broken?
Obviously it would be useful, but not this much broken to be banned.

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Round 2 of the Wonder Guard tourney has now begun!

The following changes will be implemented:

  • Heavy Duty Boots is banned (12 votes)
  • Minimum of two weaknesses (tied with no weakness limit but the 3 min votes break the tie)
  • Cinderace and Galarian Darmanitan are unbanned (9/10 votes which is more than half of participants that voted in general)
  • Double elimination tourney (11 vs. 5 votes)
  • Weather and switching on consecutive turns are both allowed (Based on no negative feedback and other rules/lack thereof making those restrictions unnecessary)

To battle your opponent, use either of these showdown commands:

  • In a personal message: /challenge [email protected]@@!obtainable abilities, -all abilities, +wonder guard, +cinderace, +darmanitan-galar, -heavy-duty boots
  • In a chat room: /challenge (username), [email protected]@@!obtainable abilities, -all abilities, +wonder guard, +cinderace, +darmanitan-galar, -heavy-duty boots

Set all of your pokemon’s abilties as Wonder Guard, it doesn’t change automatically.

Winners Round One

Because someone quit the tourney after getting a bye, Stephwheel8 gets to move on to winners despite losing.

*UPDATE: Hyphen also quit, so Ignis Aqua Herba will now play in Winners Round 2 against their opponent.

Winners Round Two

Losers Round 1 will begin next week.

Schedule a battle by posting on their wall or commenting on their answer and post the replay here when you’re done.

Replays are due Monday 6/28 at 4:00 AM (4:00) GMT. Extensions may be given upon request.

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I know I got the activity win, but I still managed to schedule a battle.
Awesome thanks
Quagsire and Zeraora are banned because they only have one weaknees. Also, heavy duty boots is banned, I think it was on DeltaEmerald’s Tornadus. Kyogre will keep the inactivity win for now, but I’ll be accepting battles before the scheduled match with sumwun.
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Happy Pride Month!!
Good luck to y'all!!


Pokémon Showdown! username: AssaultDestiny

Time Zone: GMT +5.5 (Indian Standard Time)

Availability: I have a life, so I'm usually on from 1300 GMT to 1400 GMT on all days of the week. Next week onwards, I can make my life a hell, so I can try to be on from 0400 GMT to 0630 GMT.
(PS: Please talk to me in the 12-hour clock, I wrote this in 24-hour because that makes me sound official. Thanks.)

Elimination that I prefer (didn't know what else to write): Single Elimination. Double would only be possible when we get a nice amount of players, which probably would be difficult (?). I'm rooting with Single Elim for now.

Further Bans / Unbans:

  • Heavy-Duty Boots: I'm a person who has played Pure Hackmons since over an year, and got more vocal when a PH Ladder was introduced, making way for a bigger playerbase. I totally know how difficult it is to hurt the Wonder Guard's (WG's from now on, for simplicity's sake), and in PH we have Mold Breaker and clones! Here, without Mold Breaker and co, damaging WG's is extremely difficult, and ramping up Hazards seem to be the best way to me. Boots would make a match oh so boring to watch, something like 2014's Ubers.
    And no we don't want that.
    Tbh I feel that per se, this tour can be boring, and making it interesting would be extremely important. Boots would centralise itself, especially on Poison- and Steel- types which can't be Badly Poisoned. Ban Boots immediately.

  • Not switching out on consecutive turns: Heavily disagree. This would mess with competitive Pokémon at its core. Switching is extremely vital in any battle. A good predict may end a Pokémon's life if they don't get to switch out.

  • Weather: Allow, imo. We all know what type Weather Ball is in what Weather, so not a big issue. The only thing is the chip damage from Sand and Hail (which was a popular way to damage opponents prior to Gen 6 in PH, especially Hail), I guess we can accept that also.

  • Minimum three weaknesses: Disagreed. This won't allow us to use defensive staples such as Ferrothorn, Clefable and Lando-T.

  • Cinderace, Marshadow, Darmanitan-Galar and Pheromosa: Extremely frail Pokémon, so taking them down won’t be a problem. Also, each and every one of them suffers from 4MS, so the correct WG can handle them quite easily. Cinderace and Darm-G also loose their epic abilities, so walking them would be even more easy. The only thing is that Cinderace has so many options, so at first, choosing the correct WG may be difficult, but then, 4MS, and we can also scout for moves by switching. Court Change is also a very nice move, will have to look out for it.

Two questions..

  • ModChat? Do we allow players to set ModChat in each battle, as some spectators can be noisy? Asking for the community's view on this.

  • Predictions? Will there be a separate thread for predictions? Or would we even have predictions?

That's it people, have fun, I can provide sample teams just Discord me.
Good luck again!!

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Modchat: I don't see why not.
Predictions: You can do that in the chat room or Discord server.
Ohh okay thanks!
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EST / GMT -4
Pretty much any weekday or weekend after noon
Double elimination, 3 weakness minimum
Also wanna add that hdb should probably be banned and there shouldn't be a switching rule like that

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I’ll probably be on today at 6 PM to 10 PM. Otherwise, Wednesday at 2 PM or later would be fine. :P
I'm ready rn
My comment might have gotten eaten lmao but anyways I'm ready
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PikaPaul900 / PsyKlone Wars
EST (GMT -4)
Available noon-midnight on all days of the week but can probably go later on Friday and Saturday
Double elimination, ban heavy duty boots, allow weather, minimum of two weaknesses, allow switching out on consecutive turns, unban galar-darmanitan, cinderace, pheremosa, and marshadow

I think banning HDB is a better deterrent to switching out a lot than banning switching out on consecutive turns because the latter is too large of a gameplay difference in my opinion, especially since I don't see stalemates being very common because of Toxic's availability.

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Are you able to battle Wednesday around 6pm-8pm ish?  If not any day but tomorrow and Friday work for me.  Just tell me a time (preferably after 3pm).
Yeah I can do that.
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Good luck have fun, nerds!

Username: AGCL6 Swas ♫
Time zone: IST (GMT +5:30)
Availability: Available from noon-midnight in all days of the week.
Further Bans: Single Elimination, ban HDB, allow Weather, 2 weakness minimum, allow Cinderace and Darmanitan-G, but not Pheromosa and Marshadow.

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Mimicry is already banned because a Pokemon can't have both mimicry and wonder guard.
Also how is weather ball surprising or broken when both players already know what the weather is before either can use weather ball? Does weather ball do anything that flamethrower or ice beam can't do, other than get used by Venusaur?
@sumwun Oops, my bad about Mimicry. I guess I see the point about weather not being broken...Will change it then.
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It's not about winning, it's about sending a message.
Showdown! Username: Jhnfui
GMT -4
Availability: 6-8 pm on weekdays. On weekends, 9-12 am and 6-8 pm.

Additional bans/requirements: I think that HDB should be banned to allow some play with Hazards. I don't agree with the weaknesses rule. I think just banning all Ubers Pokémon is best. And also Single Elimination.

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Alright, Lemme get killed in this tourney!

Showdown Account: Alakazam Lover )

EST (GMT -5)

Available: when I'm Online! (That is usually always)

I've decided to throw in the towel. I'm not gonna be in the tourney. That being said, Good luck, everyone!
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I'm gonna get my ass kicked.
Showdown name: PKThunder10
Type of time: Central daylight time
Monday-Friday at 8:10-9:00(central daylight time)and Saturday-Sunday on 8:10-8:45(central daylight time)
Idk what to ban.

Also if I'm online just challenge me. I'm also on showdown a lot.
I probably won't be able to do the match today.
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Showdown Name: PrimalKyogre555
EST (GMT -4)
Availability:Most of the time from 10:00 AM EST through 8:00 PM EST

Heavy-Duty Boots, to allow for hazards to make consecutive switching less of an issue.

Unban on Cinderace and G-Darm is fine, their abilities are what make them so overpowering. Pheromosa and Marshadow are still too fast and powerful, in my opinion.

Double elimination would be interesting.

I think a minimum of 2 weaknesses would be fine.

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When will you be ready to do our match? I'm pretty much available right now.
I should be able to battle at 2 PM on any day, and we might meet on the chat at some point anyways. Does 2 PM work? If so, what day?
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Showdown! Username: Groudon72
Timezone: EST
Availability: Anytime except Friday morning/afternoon and Sunday morning

Heavy-Duty Boots should probably be banned. Then switching won't have to be.

I agree with the at-least-two-weaknesses rule. Can you imagine getting your whole team Toxic stalled by a Blissey because your only Fighting-type is dead?

Double elimination would be cool

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Can we do Thursday 1 pm your time?
Yes (filler)
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Username: KRLW890
Time zone: American Central (GMT-5)
Availability: Whenever on most days. 3 PM or later on Sundays.
Further bans: Allow weather. No limit on number of weaknesses. Ban Heavy-Duty Boots. Allow switching on consecutive turns.

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Pokemon Showdown Name: Zangoose360
Time Zone: GMT-4
Availability: 10:00 AM GMT-4 - 1:00 AM GMT-4

Bans: Heavy Duty Boots so you can be creative with hazards. I think Cinderace and Galarian Darmanitan can be unbanned.
I'm not sure if any one mentioned this, but should status moves like Toxic and Will-o-wisp be banned?

Double elimination sounds nice.

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It's not very creative when everyone just uses stealth rock on the first turn.
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GMT -13
I can play most days between 4 pm and 4 am GMT, but sometimes I might have stuff between 11 pm and 2 am.

double elimination
allow heavy-duty boots (allowing it makes people rely on toxic and steel Pokemon, but banning it makes people rely on stealth rock and steel Pokemon. I don't think banning heavy-duty boots helps anyone very much)
allow switching on consecutive turns
allow weather (how is this any more broken than toxic, will-O-wisp, or any entry hazard?)
allow any number of weaknesses
allow Galarian Darmanitan and Cinderace (they can't have their broken abilities in this tournament)
allow Pheromosa and Marshadow (they have a lot of weaknesses)

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Ooooooo this is cool

Time Zone PDT
Generally available any time after 12 PM, every day

I have no real preferences, but double elimination sounds kinda fun!

Wanna battle Wednesday at around 4PM your time?
Aight that sounds good
I’m a little late but I can still play today, so reply to me if/when you get online.

If not, let’s try tomorrow at 12 your time. If that doesn’t work then I have to do something at 2:00 but 3 your time to the end of the day should work. I don’t know about Friday yet
Tomorrow at 12 should work.
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showdown name: KitkatKK2
Timezone: MDT
Availability: 4:00 PM-7:30 PM on weekdays, 9:00 AM-8:00 PM on weekends.
Pokemon bans: ban marshadow
double elim tourney
min 3 weaknesses

Can we try to play Thursday 6 pm your time?
You didn't show up today, so can we try again at 4 pm on Friday and Saturday?
Hey, sumwun accidentally disconnected but they’re back online now waiting.
Sorry I went afk when you came. When is the next time you can go online?
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Let's see how I do in this one...

ZenDaruma (main) / zen tests stuff (alt)
Availability: On weekends, 14:00 - 20:30, on weekdays, 17:30 - 20:30.
Single elimination, ban Heavy-Duty Boots, allow weather, allow switching out on consecutive turns, ban Cinderace and Marshadow, no minimum 3 weaknesses clause.

Good luck gamers! :)

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I’m available any day at the times listed on my post, what would be most convenient for you?
I think somewhere around 3:30 pm your time would work for me on weekends, and on weekdays I'll be available at around 6:30 your time.
Alright, how does 6:30 pm my time on Tuesday sound?
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PS! Username: RCM889
Time Zone: UTC-3
Available only this month.

Baton Pass
Swords Dance
Nasty Plot
Tail Glow
Cotton Guard
Horn Drill
Sheer Cold

But baton pass and OHKO moves are all already banned in OU
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Imma try to participate but I’ll quit if I can’t.

Username: DeltaEmerald
GMT: +1
Available: certain times on weekends. Some weekdays will work.

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Showdown Name: Mageod
Time Zone: EDT
Availability: Its pretty fluctuating ,but I'm usually on by 8
Banning Opinions: Ban Heavy duty boots, Double elimination, 2 minimum weaknesses

I call that I'll lose first round. Good luck everyone!

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Trippy Soup
Available Around noon to 11 PM, except between 4 and 8 PM. Available 9 AM Saturdays

Double Elim
3 Weaknesses
Unban Cinderace and Galarian Darmanitan.
Ban Boots

Good Luck everyone. I’ll probably lose but definitely have fun. :P

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What times are you available?
Whatever times I listed in my post. :P

I'll probably be frequenting the Database Showdown! server and can always be contacted via Discord. Just throw times and days in my eyehole and I'll choose ones I can make. :P
Would you like to fight the 16th during 11 AM - 12 PM or 7 PM - 8 PM your time? :P
11 AM and 12 PM are good, I might not be able to do 7 PM, but probably 8 PM.