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I've seen message of people getting dissed cos they have a old account... That account was my first made on this site I don't use this site anymore (sorry went off pokemon fora bit) so can you please delete the account snivyrocks1 I posted heaps of messed up questions and started a new one I've taken out the email so can't talk in it. It doesn't matter if you don't but please lots of guilt and I've wanted to post this for ages. Thanks in advance and no probs if you say no.

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Pokemaster can't delete accounts, just don't use it and forget about the past.
Really I never knew...
Actually, Pokemaster can delete accounts. I tried yesterday with an old account I wanted Pokemaster to delete, and it wouldn't let me on.
I think he blocked, not delete.
Yeah, he just changes your pass or email thingy(i don't know) so you can't log on. The account still exists though.

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OK I blocked the old account.

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