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We don't have a specific rule for it, so I'm wondering whether to ban or allow Action Replay questions. This is following on from Mew's recent meta question and all the junk lugia90 posted.

If we allowed them, they would only be questions asking for AR codes (not posting codes like lugia90 did). And questions about "help I broke my game using AR codes" would still be banned.


  • A lot of people cheat, and AR code sites are quite popular. So it could bring more users into the site to improve all questions.


  • We generally discourage questions about cheating.
  • Usually people are using ROMs/Emulators which again we avoid, partly on legal ground.
  • Some sites with AR cheats are dodgy sites chock full of ads and spam and viruses. I don't want to link our members to those sites from here.
  • AR codes take up a lot of room and pages would get very long. I think some codes may not even be able to fit in one answer.
  • The possibility of bad codes messing up people's games.

Hmm..... after writing all that it looks like the cons outweight the pros :D Maybe I missed something though, so everyone feel free to answer yourselves!

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I think that we should not allow AR questions. It is pretty much Spam and does not really have anything to do with Pokemon as a whole.
No. Simple as that
Wow DD you certainly have a way with words XD
I think we should, but I think that we shouldn't allow links in AR questions, but simply post the code for what is requested, and leave it to simplistic codes.

Or just have an AR bank in the website, " Codejunkies.com " is the official AR website, so we could rob codes off of there and just have an AR code bank.
I think that we should allow these types of questions under the grounds that you set. It's not fair to disallow a question just because the people here don't allow cheating. If someone else chooses to do that, then that is their decision. Your opinion of a matter shouldn't interfere with your answer in any other type of post, I don't see why this is any different. There's no moral violation in a person making Arceus on their game.

As for the dodgy sites, having them all central here, posted in actual code form would completely avoid the risk of the sites, not just for users here, but anyone using it. AR codes can easily be found on gamefaq guides and other places so as to avoid them, so the person making the answer runs no risk of spam, ads, viruses, etc. The posts are not spam, since spam is useless information that is placed there to take up space and/or annoy people. The fact that people asks for them tells us that they serve a purpose, so how is it correct to call them spam?

The codes are very long, but the longest ones are just variable form, meaning they can be greatly simplified. For instance, the code to create a pokemon ends in three variables, equal to the pokemon's national dex number, so that greatly condenses it. We've had very long answers for these  things before, so length can't be counted against it. Combine that with the pretty low demand for AR questions on this site, and the fact that the codes only need to be posted once, the questions will not be so humungous.

In every AR post, we should just make note that they can potentially damage their games, and that the person posting the answer is not responsible for what happens. (This should be done very carefully by someone who does not support using cheats, so as to avoid inadvertently pushing their opinions on people.)
I leave it up to you Pokemaster. I'll just be standing there with arms cross and a dissaproving glare plus a small shake of the head indicating disgust in response to those questions.
It's a video game, not child rape.
It's called cheating, which I dissaprove of.
Is it really so bad that you have to "be standing there with arms cross and a disapproving glare plus a small shake of the head indicating disgust in response to those questions?" Nobody is being harmed out of it, and it's cheating within a video game-not an exam or anything, but a video game. In the grand Scheme of life, who cares?
That's just me joking around. I would respect the person in question less though.

And I obviously care somewhat.
Yeah, but seeing some of the things people here have said, forgive me if I didn't see the joke. I don't like the "The code is 9876567898, but you're a terrible little jerk that ruins the entire game for using it" kind of answer is gonna be respectful. Like I said before, your opinion shouldn't interfere with your answer, so I don't see how this is a different, or how "we shouldn't have them because I don't approve of cheating" is a valid reason to do disallow these questions.
I dissaprove of those who use AR. I won't answer the questions as such.
Maybe you can make a separate section for AR codes.
Maybe we can allow it, but it must include a disclaimer.
If we do decide to have a code bank, I think we should name it the " Codex,  " like a dex for codes.
The answers here are both VERY good, just wanted to compliment on that. I'm upvoting everything on this question, including yours, pokemaster.
Yes we should ban ar codes. Especially the roms and emulator related topics. These are illegal and we can be shut down just for talking about it. Should Pokemon database be ended because people discuss illegal things, NO.
im pretty sure we arent going to be shut down because sites like http://www.coolrom.com/roms/gba/ dont get shut down and they give you the option to download these illegal things
Plus, AR isn't illegal at all. They sell it in Walmart and places like that.
Josh is right. I have an AR (though I never use it) and I didn't spend much time in jail for it.
I'm not talking about at I'm talking about emulaters. Talk about at will bring on talk about emulators and roms.
if they were putting people in jail for emulators thousands would be in jail right now
Once again, Emulators aren't illegal. There are some parts that make an emulator run that can be illegal, but that's under the case you don't own said system ( if I recall correctly ). Also, tons of people on youtube ( popular people on youtube ) openly admit to using emulators and such, and they aren't exactly doing time for it. Plus, AR and Emulators / Roms have little in common.

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Yep, I think I'm going to answer; I honestly disagree with both things that have already been said.

AR questions should be allowed, that's my first point for those who don't feel like reading why I think that way, but more so just want to see what I'm thinking.

So here are my points.

  • Lots of gamers use AR

Allowing AR questions will attract more users to the site; while some members disapprove of the use of an Action Replay, that's personal opinion.

  • We allow retarded questions like, " Where is [saidTM] in [saidgame] "

If we allow questions, that are that much of a waste of space in the database, we might as well allow AR questions. The only codes that are ridiculously long, are ones asking for something ridiculously specific. Example:

I want my team to be Charizard, Venusaur, Blastoise, Pidgeot, Raticate, and Butterfree.
I want them to have [I'mnottypingthesedown] moves.

  • If we follow my current suggestion, of only being able to ask for simple codes...

Then we won't have to have huge list up codes; here is an example of a simple code.

Q. What is the AR code to make Squirtles automatically spawn in tall grass ( B/W )?
A. The code is:

94000130 fffb0000
c0000000 0000002f
12250010 00000007
dc000000 00000004
d2000000 00000000

Have fun with your Squirtle, but beware; Action Replay can harm your game.

For the most part, allowing AR questions could potentially lead a lot of gamers with ARs, that are looking for codes and see our site's code questions.

If we don't allow them, then we should at least make a Code dex, where we have all of the codes for making Wild pokemon appear.

They have one right here on Code Junkies ( Safe link ) http://uk.codejunkies.com/search/codes/Pokemon-Black-Version-(UK)_Nintendo-DS_17826870-17___.aspx

Overall, we should allow them.

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Actually in many cases the where is this TM kind of questions are legit as most sites say something idiotically vague like Victory road, where in victory road? is it after the elite four or before? what level is it on? It can be very confusing.
That's a crappy defense for that, as the answers can be very vague here, and really, who is going to ask a question for every single one of them? But Pokemaster's wishes must remain. Sadly.
This is a different situation, that was just a comparison example.
Most of the users here are saying no, just because they don't like AR, and think they're silly, and will " Take up to much space ".
I do not like AR but I am approaching the situation with facts and not thinking of my personal preference but what is good for the site. I still think we should just have 1 question for a link to the code bank site.
Heh, your facts are wrong.
" Take up too much space " - Only insanely specific AR codes take up as much space as stated, the average " good question " with the " good answer " has easy potential to take up more space.
With my pitched idea, we should only allow simple codes, meaning that won't be a problem.

" allowing them may make some people who disapprove of it less likely to join "
Dude, I don't think anyone would not join because we " allow " AR questions.
From the reckless hating on the AR system most of you give, we'll be lucky if anyone asks any questions period, out of fear of being resented.

( Oh yeah, just a note; all of your points are labeled " 1. " xD )

" question that says "Where can I find a link to every AR code" that way we just have 1 AR code question and do not have to worry about it again. "

There is no standing website that has a link to every AR code, sadly.

" Pokemaster already has an extensive to-do list so it would just be putting more weight on his shoulders. And then we have people who disapprove of cheating. "

Sorry for quoting the whole thing, as I really don't care about the last little bit.
As stated, Pokemaster already has a ton on his to-do list, I think the simplest solution is to just allow the questions.
I do not know why they are labeled 1, it must be part of the system. And still J98 the AR questions take up space on the database question list.
Just as much as other questions.
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The Questions have never been about what be think is good I mean seriously People have asked for Special Based Gyrados movesets and even though we know it is a bad idea we still answered it. The main problem I see with the AR questions is that they take up to much space. Though as DT said if Pokemaster allows it when answering we should put a disclaimer saying that if the game is destroyed it is not the responsibility of the person who answered nor Pokemaster.

Another issue that may arise is someone just asking for codes for every Pokemon in the Pokedex and for every Item, TM, and Medicine in different questions. So to avoid this maybe just have 1 question that says "Where can I find a link to every AR code" that way we just have 1 AR code question and do not have to worry about it again.

Note: I personally disapprove of AR but I know it is still popular among those who do not want to take the time to EV train etc.

EDIT: OK I am just going to go through the options that we have.

1. Allow AR

Pros: Lots of people use AR and it will attract those people to this site
Cons: They take up space, People will be inclined to post all sorts of pointless AR questions, and allowing them may make some people who disapprove of it less likely to join

2. Do not allow AR

Pros: We do not have the cons of #2
Cons: We do not have the pros of #2

3. Make a code-bank

Pros: We would not have to have AR questions and people who use AR would be attracted to the site
Cons: Pokemaster already has an extensive to-do list so it would just be putting more weight on his shoulders. And then we have people who disapprove of cheating.

4. Make one question that says "Where can I find a site with a list of AR codes for Pokemon"

Pros: We would not have to have AR questions and people who use AR would be attracted to the site, and Pokemaster does not have to waste time on a code bank.
Cons: I can not think of any.

For the last one we could just answer with the link J98 posted on his answer or something of that nature and problem solved.

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