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Welcome to the Pokemon Database!
I'm Mewderator, and I'm going to run you through some of the features that we have here at the PokemonDB. Before you begin posting anything on the site, you should read the rules! Many arguements can be avoided by doing so. Also, DarkTyphlosion, another senior user here, posted a really nice etiquette. I highly recommend you to read it.
What the Pokemon DB does is to answer questions about the thing that's sweeping the nation: Pokemon!

Table of Contents:

 1. Pokebase
 2. Meta
 3. Battle Subway
 4. Chat
 5. Top bar
 6. Posting
 7. Gravatar
 8. Favoriting
 9. Walls
 10. Voting system
 11. Point Requirements 
 12. Flags
 13. Moderation
 14. Ranks and Privileges
 15. Getting Banned


PokeBase is our main section here at the DB. This is the primary question and answer place, where you can ask nearly anything on Pokemon! Obviously, there are exceptions and bans on questions that in place.
You shouldn't:
- Asking a question that has previously been asked.
- Asking a purely opinion question. (Is Mew cool?)
- Asking questions that could easily be looked up on the site (Example: What level does Mew evolve at?)
- Asking a plainly dumb question. (Is Mew pink?)
- Post any team questions. These will go to the Battle Subway section.
- Posting a question unrelated to Pokemon. (How do I fix my lawn mower?)
- Ask any ingame questions. Ingame questions have too many variables to be considered. we have some questions asked by users you may use:


Meta is a place for offering suggestions to improve this site, changing your username, point out errors in the site, ask questions about the site itself, and reporting users that are repeatedly breaking the rules. Do not complain about a user or unnecessary downvoting; talk to a user with authority [look at ranks] on the chat. If there is excessive downvoting, feel free to bring it up on the ban report here. Here we also have certain special posts. We have tournaments, a Pokemon DB League, and other cool stuff.

On the right of this post are several useful posts. You should check them out when you have the chance.

I'll link them here so you guys don't need to go the extra few seconds to scroll :P
Some of these links will be covered later in this post.

Battle Subway (AKA the RMT section):

The battle subway is where you post your teams to rate. When posting, please remember to abide by the rules. Meaning you must have all 6 Pokemon in your team, items, natures, moves, and if you know them, EVs. An optional description is recommended.

For example, a valid member of a team would look something like this:

>Jirachi @ Leftovers

Trait: Serene Grace
EVs: 252 HP / 236 SDef / 20 Spd
Careful Nature (+SDef, -SAtk)
- Stealth Rock
- Body Slam
- Iron Head
- Wish

>I decided to opt for s Specially Defensive Jirachi because it gives the support I need for my sweepers. The EVs and Nature allow me to tank Special moves such as Draco Meteor and Psychic from Specs Latios easily, while outspeeding Adamant Breloom and Magnezone. Although I probably won't find a Adamant Breloom due to the prevalence of Jolly ones, Poison Heal variants tend to run lower Speed EVs. As far as the moveset is concerned, Jirachi is running the standard support set. First up, Stealth Rock allows both my sweepers and others to secure KOs that they normally can't. The residual damage helps in wearing down the checks and counters to my Pokemon as well. Body Slam works great in the team because it has a 60% chance to Paralyze my opponent, allowing my sweepers to outspeed and kill. STAB Iron Head works in conjunction with Body Slam because it gets a 60% chance to Flinch, and the opponent will never stop hitting himself in the head because it is hard to break through Jirachi's paraflinch tactics. Wish provides good recovery to all my opponent, especially since Jirachi boasts a pretty high HP stat. Mixed sweepers usually carry Life Orb or Expert Belt, so Wish support is optimal.

If you don't know what they are, post what the team member's main role is. For a list of roles, check here. Refrain from posting teams you use to beat the storyline on the RMT for rating, as ingame teams have too many variables.

If you have a great replay that you want to share, you can post them here.

The Pokemon DB also does Rate my Pokemon at the thread here.

Continued below!

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"You shouldn't:
- Ask any ingame questions. Ingame questions have too many variables to be considered. we have some questions asked by users you may use:"
OK, change it to:
- Ask any ingame questions. Ingame questions have too many variables to be considered. we have some questions asked by users you may use:

- Ask any ingame questions. Ingame questions have too many variables to be considered. we have some questions asked by users you may use:

- Ask any ingame team questions. Ingame team have too many variables to be considered. You can take your favorite Pokémons and some HM slaves, a variety of typings and attacks and the problem is closed.
We have some questions asked by users you may use:"
Or something like that.
How do I fix my lawn mower? It appears to be possessed and also very related to Pokemon.

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Best answer


Chat with users here. Do not post personal information.

No one likes trolls or arrogant idiots and we don't tolerate insulting for that stuff and arguing about it. It can be a temporary ban. We won't be sorry if Mods are on Chat when you're spamming.
Also, don't talk about controversial topics like Religion.

If you break the rules of the chat room repeatedly after several warnings, you will be kicked from chat for 10 minutes. Multiple kicks may lead to a temporary ban.

Top bar:

  • Hello _: the site's greeting. Clicking on the name brings you to your profile.
  • My Account: Edit your profile and choose whether or not to display your Gravatar
  • My Updates: Gives you a list of questions that you've been involved with, by viewing, commenting, answering, and asking.
  • Search: Allows you to search questions on whatever section you're in.
  • All Activity: Shows a list of all recent questions asked, comments, editing, retagging, or reshowing being done by users.
  • Questions: Shows a list of recent questions.
  • Unanswered: Shows a list of unanswered questions.
  • Tags: This is where you can click on a tag, and it will bring up all the questions with that tag.
  • Ask a Question: Ask a question.
  • Admin: Accessible to Editors and above.
  • Chat: Where the Chat Room is.
  • Rules: Where the rules are.


When posting, trying keeping posts neat and make your point clear. When asking a question, please make sure that it has not been asked before. When answering, answer the question as a whole, and refrain from answering when there is an answer present, and you cannot add a whole lot of useful information.

B: Bolds. You can use two asterisks (**) in front and back of a word to make it bold.
I: Italicizes. You can use one asterisk (*) in front and back of a word to make it italic.
Globe: Allows you to Hyperlink. (The thing on top of the post, on the "rules" is an example.
": Quotes something. You can use ">" before the quote also.
{}: Creates the green letters for code. You can use one (`) front and back of a word to make it green.
Picture: Allows you to add pictures using URLs.
1, 2, 3: Guides you using a list using the numbers.

  • : Guides you using a list with bullets.

The thing after: Creates a heading.
The thing after: Creates a horizantal line.
Back arrow: Undo last action.
Front arrow: Redo last action

For more information, look here.


PokemonDB uses a website called Gravatar to display avatars on profiles. For example, my Gravatar is this:

To get one, just sign up on with the same email you signed up here with. Upload an image, and then go to your profile. Go to "My Account", the allow Gravatar to be shown. It might take awhile, but it will eventually show.


Favoriting things, such as questions, users, and tags allows you to keep up with updates.

Favoriting a...

  • Question: Allows you to follow all comments and answers that occur.
  • User: Allows you to follow what they do on the DB.
  • Tag: allows you to follow what questions have the tag.

To favorite something, simply just click the star on a question, user profile, or tag page.


The new update brought Walls to user profiles, which you can post on. Think of it like a Private Massaging system that's public :P

Excessive spamming on walls will lead to bans.

Voting system:

>We have a voting system as well. Vote up interesting questions and correct answers, and down vote bad questions and incorrect answers.
If someone answers your question, you may choose to give "best answer," which means that it is the best answer.
There is also a point system here. Basically, the more points you have, the better knowledge you have about Pokemon. Also, you cannot do certain thing without a certain number of points:
- Vote Up: +10.
- Vote Down: -10. Whoever gave the downvote loses 2. Also note, you are encouraged to down vote bad posts. DO NOT NOT DOWNVOTE BECAUSE OF POINTS, OR IF YOU ARE JEALOUS OF ANOTHER USER.
- Best Answer: +20 for whoever received it, +2 for whoever gave it, does not require points.

Point Requirements


 Privilege                   Points
 Upvote                      40
 Flag                        40
 Downvote                    100
 Make new tags               500
 Edit                        6000
 No moderation (question)    25 
 No moderation (answers)     200



 Privilege                   Points
 Upvote                      30
 Flag                        40
 Downvote                    60
 Retag                       1000
 Edit                        2000

Battle Subway:

 Privilege                   Points
 Upvote                      30
 Flag                        40
 Downvote                    60
 Retag                       800
 Edit                        1000


 Privilege                   Users
 Kicking                     Editors, Moderators, Pokemaster

As mentioned before, Walls are now a thing. However, it takes 30 points to be able to post on Walls. This is not global either, you need 30 points on all three sections if you want to post wherever.


Flags are for our regular users who cannot use hiding powers. Flags are for questions that break the rules, and these flags allow Moderators and Editors to check the bad questions rather easily.

See this for more details.


New users are screened here with their questions as a barrier. Some users do not understand what the PokemonDB is for, so any user who has under 25 points will need their question approved by one of our Editors or Moderators. Posting on old questions requires 200 points to forgo moderation. Since the update, all reshowing of questions, no matter which user it is, needs approval.

For more information, see Pokemaster's post here.

Ranks and Privileges:

By being on the site, gaining people's trust, as well as gaining points, you gain ranks. Everyone starts off as a registered user. There are 5 ranks.

  • Registered User: Voting on questions, Voting on answers, Voting posts down, Flagging posts
  • Expert (achieved by reaching 6000 points. Or you can become a Meta / RMT Expert by reaching 2000 on Meta or 1000 on RMT): Retagging any question, Editing any question, Editing any answer, Editing any comment
  • Editor (Pokemaster will choose): Approving or rejecting posts, Hiding or showing any post
  • Moderators (Pokemaster will choose): Selecting answer for any question, Viewing IPs of anonymous posts, Banning
  • Super Administrator (Pokemaster): Deleting hidden posts

See this post and this post for more details.

Current Active Ranks:
- Experts: Anyone with 6000+ points, too many to list :(
- Editors: Sempiternus, fondant, the_netts, ~-~ WILL~-~, DarthDestiny
- Moderators: Mewderator, Ninja, Aura Warrior, Psychic X, trachy, DarkTyphlosion, ƒιzz, MovesetBot

Getting Banned:

This guide by Josh should help.

That's all from me. Welcome!

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You need to say that you need 40 points to post without moderation on Meta or RMT.
when was this changed? I remember that my answers were moderated when I first went on RMT.
It wasn't, there's moderation and there has been for a long time.
So can you please edit the post to say that you need 40 points to post without moderation?
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