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Type: Expert
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Country: You have a 1/196 chance of getting it right
Favorite Pokémon: Eevee, Leafeon, Glaceon, Umbreon, Mudkip, Sobble, Puke? muke.... Wooper, Snivy, Ambipom, Mimikyu, Masquerain, Minncino, Skitty, Spinda, Zigzagoon, Venipede,
Friend Codes: Discord: tea#6305
Switch: 2794-0856-3200
3DS: 0963-3114-7294
2DS: 4184-8733-8180

If you add me, please let me know
About me: Quotes (aka dumb things I’ve said at some point):

~you were around 7 years old when i first joined the database~

~it sucks friendships are limited to a dumb number created by humanity in a pathetic attempt to measure time~

~If I wanted a bulbapedia page, I would’ve went on bulbapedia~

~I think my name is tea for a reason~

~And trees.~

~come to think of it this waterbottole is bigger than a full term fetus meaning if I can drink the whole thing and survive within an hour I’ll probably survive labour~

~pm plz give me an odd number of points~


~Call me daddy again and I will piss on your kneecaps~

~Suggestion: ban all the dumb little kids~

Someone has to do X's job now that they are gone.

I’ve been upvoting a lot lately. I just think it’s dumb how picky people are with upvoting, so if I see a correct answer, or unique question, yes I’m going to upvote it. I think you all should do the same too. (That being said please don’t spam upvote or be biased with upvotes! Look at the content not the user!)
If you see something worthy of an upvote, upvote it


500 - 9/13/2020
1000 - 10/13/2020
1500 - 11/11/2020
2000 - 12/11/2020
Expert - 12/29/2020
2500 - 01/07/2021
1000 (Meta) - 01/08/2021
3000 -  01/22/2021
1500 (Meta) - 02/01/2021
3500 - 03/09/2021
2000 (Meta) 03/26/21
4000 - 03/29/21
4500 - 04/27/2021
5000 - 06/24/2021
5500 - 08/23/2021
Lost expert status - 09/07/2021
6000 + expert - 09/09/2021
6500 - soon

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Comments: 238
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Gave out: 91 up votes, 14 down votes
Received: 258 up votes, 25 down votes

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Love you ❤️
1 day ago by BeastMaster™
Fair enough what where you joking about? Sorry it’s been a while and I’m getting confused.
6 days ago by ShinyMagikarp555
You want to date with fizz?
Sep 16 by Chesta Adabi 481
im so sorry that i fill your wall, but how to change name in the next name change? like do we just need to answer or there is something else that we need to do? thanks
Sep 16 by Chesta Adabi 481
sorry that i fill your wall but in the intire earth there is 196 country right? then im gonna guess its texas.
Sep 16 by Chesta Adabi 481
and if you would, who do you support in my AMB 481, i just want more support on my tournament:)
Sep 16 by Chesta Adabi 481
obviously you can be my friend! yay now we are friends!
Sep 16 by Chesta Adabi 481
Late, but congrats on expert!
Sep 14 by Cyberbear IV
late but congrats on expert!!!!!!!!!
Sep 13 by SpookyTerrain
Sep 13 by BeastMaster™