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Country: kAlOs cAuSe tHaTs wHeRe sHaUnA iS (US, PST)
Favorite Pokémon: BIsharp, Magnezone, Mamoswine
Friend Codes: I'm normally free to battle on Showdown!
My username is dogs my friend
I'll play any format but I mainly play Gen 8 OU and other RandBat formats.
I'm putting this here just because I'm bored
About me: quotez
%nebbyy: there's nothing wrong with a little cheating

Showdown be haxing me

If you ever feel useless, remember that there are lifeguards in Spongebob that save fish from drowning.
commented 56 seconds ago by sumwun

 what if your the drowning fish?

 you feel useless, just remember that Captain America tried to choke a robot
 36 minutes ago by Xurkit

Thats just... oof

If you feel useless, I spent 19 minutes today lying on the floor.
 11 minutes ago by Stephwheel8

3 minutes from now
sometimes, the best travels are those that only exist in dreams


Again oof
Also i lay down every day sleeping

I soloed the kalos elite four and champion with mamoswine
I could have used other mons but why
Someone PLEASE help me with breaking 1500+ elo on Gen 8 OU!
Which team style, Which pokemon, etc.
I really need help

No hate on Shauna please <3
Im kinda a shauna fanboy

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Offensive buzzwole is pretty good
2 days ago by ☆SleepyDreepy☆
K coming!
2 days ago by ~Chocolatte~
I have a cursed grav
2 days ago by Xurkit
SleepyDreepy makes mean pranks on me >:(
2 days ago by Swastik
Cinderace and Mag got banned from OU??
Am I living under a rock I didn't see that omfg
3 days ago by AssaultDestiny
Oh. Makes sense.
3 days ago by Porygon-Zangoose
Lmao cruel trainer
4 days ago by Swastik