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Favorite Pokémon: Of each type= Normal: Snorlax (Pidgeot is a normal type but we don't talk about that); Water: Blastoise; Fire: Charizard (Mega X); Grass: Roserade; Electric: Raichu; Ice: Alolan Vulpix; Rock: Lycanroc (Dusk); Steel: Empoleon; Ground: Swampert; Bug: Beedrill (Mega); Flying: Pidgeot; Fighting: Lucario (Mega); Dragon: Rayquaza (Mega); Dark: Umbreon; Ghost: Chandelure; Fairy: Togekiss; Psychic: Lunala; Poison: Crobat
Friend Codes: Showdown Username: Blastfury0614
About me: Hi!! I'm am a diffrent kind of pokemon fan than other people, I started in Pokémon GO a few years ago, but my love for the franchise boosted a lot once I played my first main series game on my cellphone (in a Emulator): pokémon Fire Red. Since then I searched a lot about the franchise and discovered more and more intresting facts, specially when I discovered pokémon database and logged in as an user.

On Pokémon Showdown, I play on many diffrent formats and try to do funny experiments like sturdy shedinja on pure hackmons. I really love playing OMs

Possible new Mega of the week: Meganium
Mega Stone: Meganiumite
Ability: Triage
Type: Grass; Fairy
HP: 80/ Attack: 62/ Defense: 140/ Sp. Atk: 93/ Sp. Def: 140/ Speed: 110/ Total: 625
Possible Singles tiers: between UU and OU
Possible Doubles tiers: UU or OU
Mega Meganium fixed a lot of flaws that regular Meganium had: it now has an extra fairy typing and a new move in draining kiss, and its ability is incredible, giving priorty in the already mentioned Draining Kiss, plus Synthesis and Giga Drain. It also has titanic bulk and a lot of resistances. However, it has an unspetacular special attack, quite a lot of weaknesses, and steel types will absolutely wall it if it doesn't get Earth Power in Gen VIII, like Venusaur did.

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Badges: 2
Team: Braixen/ Pidgeotto/ Floette (Orange Flower)/ Wartortle/Amaura/Steelix (In game trade)

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Thx a lot!
1 day ago by {{MegaManiac}}
wait, are you caterpieBfefuddle?
4 days ago by Chesta Adabi 481
I posted my answer to the thread -- hope it helps :)
4 days ago by Omega-Blade X
Got it!
4 days ago by Omega-Blade X
Hi, I'm thinking of rating this team:

Would you still be interested in an answer to it? If so, I'll try to get something written up soon.
4 days ago by Omega-Blade X
2 hours ago
Aaand I lost because I forgot to edit my team
Yeah that has happened to me a lot
6 days ago by PKThunder10
So we'll be able to speculate more and not clog chat
Jun 16 by PKThunder10
Wait I think I can make a group chat
Jun 16 by PKThunder10
I'm thinking we can make a pokemon showdown room where we can talk about the pokemon in later gens in gen 1
Jun 16 by PKThunder10 this a theme team made of Pokémon pretending to be Ubers
Jun 14 by BlastFury0614