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If you have replays from Gen 7 OU from above 1700s ladder or a tournament of a specific ou pokemon putting in work, please send it to the thread linked below in the format specified in the OP(or post it on my wall).

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It's good to see more people playing  Gen 3. The most important thing for every team is to have an answer to Dragon Dance Tyranitar. Good answers to it are Swampert,Flygon and bulky Metagross., see Tar analysis for more details. Every team should have a reasonably bulky pokemon who resists rock to beat DD Tar and Aerodactyl. You also need a way to beat teams like this one:, with Tar,Skarm,Bliss,Pert,Gar and one free slot.
This video is a great starter guide to adv as well:
This thread is great to learn the various styles of teams:
If you have any team request, feel free to ask
1 day ago by Cdijk21
Yo. I'm trying to get into ADV OU, and I've only played a couple matches so far. Is there anything important to know about the meta that's not fairly obvious already (e.g. Pokemon like Ttar and mence being very good)? Thanks :)
2 days ago by ~WilloWisp~
Jun 27 by Cdijk21
How does it feel to be finally able to comment on RMT section without waiting for approval? :P

Also that was great RMT! +1
Jun 26 by xPsydxck
Alright, thanks a lot. I appreciate it.
Jun 26 by Cdijk21
Yo! Just wanted to say thank you for being one of the highest-quality posters to the RMT. I appreciate someone putting effort into making it slightly better :)
Jun 25 by ~WilloWisp~
I'll be posting some LC sets once my LC Open run ends.
May 17 by Cdijk21
Yes, I know that.
May 9 by Cdijk21
Also, you CAN wall other people by clicking on their username and typing on THEIR wall.
May 7 by Vim ze Hisuian Zorua
Alright. That strategy is perfectly valid ingame. There's no point to using moves like SD or Defog vs the AI.
May 7 by Cdijk21