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Gender: Male (she/her, he/him, any pronouns)
Country: India
Favorite Pokémon: Rayquaza-Mega
Friend Codes: Smogon: assaultdestiny
Discord: Airene#8592
Showdown!: Currently using AG2CL2 Destiny

Contact me through Smogon/Discord if required.

Join my PDB Competitive Server!
About me: I'm actually on everyday but if I don't post anything it doesn't mean I'm inactive 12p.

The Cristal in my name is spelled as such, not a wrong spelling.

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2 days ago by ~Greyscale~
Bacon could've critted but it wouldn't really be a fair win then, or atleast I wouldn't feel like I actually lost.

What's the BO1 USUM tour tho? Are tournaments for USUM AG still held? :0

Also sorry for the late reply I've been hella busy for the past 2 days and I got free today but I was so f*cked up that I used outrage on a Clefable and Toxic on an Espeon. XD
3 days ago by Aaaaaaaaa
Shh keep it a secret
5 days ago by Kiawe
if the C in cristal is K then it would be kristal, which is the indonesian language of crystal :)
5 days ago by Creative481
You recently have been here for 1 year now!! Yay!!! I always though you have been here for years XD
6 days ago by Creative481
Ayo where's the hax? Even if I didn't crit I would PP stalled his Recover with Ice Beam + Judgement so it was Ge Ge WP after that.

That wasn't for a specific reason, I just wanted to share that cause I've never defeated someone so well known before. x)
What do you think about the team tho?
6 days ago by Aaaaaaaaa
whale wife
Nov 20 by ~azureshiram~
oh my god human kyogre (whale wife)
Nov 20 by ~azureshiram~
Hi? You were AssaultDestiny right?
Nov 19 by GreasyGolisopod