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Gender: Male
Country: You will never know lol
Favorite Pokémon: I have way too many too list, so I will do my favorite of each type. Normal: Snorlax Fighting: Urshifu Dark: Darkrai Psychic: Mew Bug: Shedinja Flying: Fearow Poison: Seviper Electric: Regieleki Ice: Dewgong Water: Empoleon Ground: Groudon Dragon: Rayquaza Ghost: Gengar Grass: Grovyle Fairy: Xerneas Rock: Sudowoodo Steel: Ferrothorn Fire: Magmotar (This is mostly highly inaccurate, but I really like almost all Pokemon so yeah :/)
Friend Codes: 2DS: 0620-0555-1887
Showdown account: I have way too many alts to list. If I recognize you I might say hi or something.

I'll do a friend list sometime
About me: I'm a little 8 year old who often goes around lying to the internet about his real age. I have an unhealthy obsession with Shedinja. Call me Viper.

I mainly play Gen 8 Anything goes and sometimes NDAG and Gen 7 AG. I suk at formats without Legendaries...

What I hate the most:


(I don't hate the Pokemon, but the thing the first letter of their names spell)
Also I'm going to rename Gen 8 AG to Gen 8 EUS or Gen 8 SIE.

Toarkoal (First Shiny, random encounter) Sapphire
Oddish (Random Encounter, evolved to Vileplume) Fire Red
Drifloon (Soft Reset Hunt) Diamond
Wingull (Abused Horde Battle rng) Omega Ruby
Shuckle (Masuda hatching, random) Omega Ruby
Mudkip (Masuda hatching, random) Omega Ruby
Zebstrika (Soooooooooooooooooooooooo, I was Shiny hunting for Cresselia, it wasn't shiny, so I went to explore the mirage spot for the day. I taught temporarily taught Groudon Rock Smash to see which HM was on the island [it was Payback.] I was walking in the grass, and found the shiny Zebstrika. I didn't know until Primal found a question about it, but I thought that I couldn't encounter Cresselia again. I was debating if I should fail it and hunt Cress or catch it... I caught it.) Omega Ruby
Xatu (Random shiny while using the Dex Nav while hunting for Magic Bounce Xatu) Omega Ruby
Mantine (Using Dex Nav. I killed it with Volt Switch while at -2 because of crit) Omaga Ruby
Mantine (I had to find another shiny :D) Omega Ruby
Minty the Ditto (Got em while trying to hunt for Shiny imposter ditto) Omega Ruby
Starly (Random encounter, evolved to Staravia)
Pichu (Random Encounter, evolved to Pikachu)
Showdown randoms:
Eternatus (Random Battle)
Tauros (Random Battle)

I'll update my profile when I'm not too lazy :/

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Weren't you 7 y/o yesterday
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