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Gender: Nonbinary person, they/them pronouns please.
Country: You don't need to know this. It will not benefit you in any way, nor does it matter. Also, why do you care?
Favorite Pokémon: Probably Snivy or Reshiram, but all gen 5 pokemon are cool, at least in my opinion.
Friend Codes: Just give me coffee and we'll be friends :)

Want to talk? Feel free to message me, just ask for my Discord on my wall :)

Want to friend me on the Nintendo Switch? Here is my friend code:

Be sure to let me know if you are going to friend me on the switch or message me on discord, especially if your username is different than your DB name on either! (I have to be sure I know who it is, especially on discord.)

~Megaltaria~: You are cool and you write good songs. I'm so happy you are back!
~Bandit~: I'm so glad you came back!
Igneus Aqua Herba: You are nice.
Syl: You are also nice, and you like that song Smokey Eyes too. Finally someone else!
Ty: you need to be promoted to mod, then you'd be my other favorite mod. You are also another Vocaloid fan, and a really cool friend!

People who are cool, but I don't know if they count me as a friend:
PX: awesome mod, really cool to talk to.
CC: you are really cool on discord, and you seem like a nice guy.

Sorry if I missed you, you can comment on my wall if you count me as a friend. Also, if you don't and you are on here, thats fine, just tell me, alright?
About me: Hey, I'm Ellis, or ELLIS DEE. You may have known me on this site as SnivlerTheSnivy or -Ellis Harmonia-.  I also go by Citrus Teeth or Narcissistic Shrubbery. I'm probably not gonna be too active on here, but I'm trying my best to talk and answer more questions. My MBTI type is ENTJ and my enneagram is 8w7. I'm good at answering TCG related questions, especially if it involves vintage sets or determining if a card is real or not, so if you have any TCG questions chances are I'll be able to answer them. If you want to talk, my Discord is listed in my friend codes, or you can just comment on my wall.  My favorite TV show is Squid Game, and my favorite video game is either Animal Crossing or Pokemon. I like to listen to a lot of music, and I also play guitar and write songs. I'm a big fan of gen 5, so you'll probably hear me complaining about the new generations of pokemon every once and awhile, if I am online that is. I've been playing Pokémon since 2013, and I've also been using this site since 2013. I just didn't know you could make an account. (Probably a good thing considering I was very immature at the time.) I'm a big fan of N, I find his backstory interesting. I love coffee and tea. Ok, thats enough about me for now.  I'll probably add more later.

I am a member of Team Plasma, liberate your Pokemon today!

100 points: 1-19-21
200 points: 1-21-21
300 points: 2-2-21
400 points: 3-26-21
500 points: 6-25-21

Yes, I still exist. Well, probably. Maybe. We'll find out :)

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Done :(
Oct 16 by ~Smoothie~
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There dead
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hey so you still consider me as a friend. that's cool :)
Sep 28 by ~megaltaria~
yo mama
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np I really meant it :)
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That's a great profile picture
Sep 13 by Hexhalem
Matoryoshkaa~ <3
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