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Yeah I don't know how to make a Gravatar. If you know <a 90's reference>, he was the person who I went to for the gravatar. He made a Mega Flygon for me, but now it's like...
4 days ago by Shiny Silvarceus
wink wink

I've been good generally, except some college  work got on top of me so it's been pretty stressful. I'll be alright though, how have you been?
5 days ago by PX ™
Yeah I know how to do some of that. But we need to make them first.
6 days ago by Shiny Silvarceus
Hey. Do you see the similarities between the Black2/White2 music themes of Colress, Ghetsis, and N? It's in the beat. listen to them, and send me the links of the videos with the times you heard the beat next to it. Okay?
May 8 by Shiny Silvarceus
Hey. It's me. I changed my username from Mega Flygon to Shiny Silvarceus. do you know how to make gravatars?
May 5 by Shiny Silvarceus
Fren! :0
May 2 by Qwerty_Zoom
Hey bro.
1. Do you want to know what my battle with Dialga and Giratina was like in US?
2. Which username should I change to? Shiny Silvarceus or Shiny Arcally?
Apr 28 by Shiny Silvarceus
Apr 17 by Shiny Silvarceus
Hey. Do you know the USA April 2018 code for USUM? I need it, please.
Apr 14 by Shiny Silvarceus
Not yet.
Apr 8 by Shiny Silvarceus