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Gender: Female
Country: Route 1 in Alola.
Favorite Pokémon: Silvally, Pikachu, Eevee, Riolu, Vulpix, Sylveon, Sneasel, Mawile, Snivy and Braixen.
Friend Codes: 3DS: 0559-7897-7492
I would love to be your friend if you care. Just ignore my ugly Mii.
About me: Hi, my name is Flowersun. That's not my real name, of course, but that's what I'm going to go by. You could also call me Flower. The name Flowersun was inspired by the Warriors series. I love Warriors. Great books. Maybe you should give 'em a read. Because Clans of cats that live in a forest are awesome. Cats are my favorite animals, actually. Anyway, I absolutely love the Pokemon games, the Pokemon Anime, and the Pokemon TCG (Trading Card Game). Since this is the About Me section, I'll tell you a bit about myself. I'm quite chatty, and if I'm talking to someone, I'll probably go on for a long time. Despite the fact that I'm timid, I have a very quick temper, and I apologize if I lash out. I have a pair of favorite characters in Pokemon. My favorite is Gladion, and my second favorite is his sister, Lillie. I think Lillie and Gladion are absolutely adorable. As you can probably tell by what I just said, I am quite a dork. And I like it. My favorite battle theme in Pokemon Sun and Moon is Gladion's battle theme, as you can probably guess. For those who are wondering, I've been playing Ultra Moon a lot recently. Eventually, I'll play on Moon again. In Moon, my trainer's name is Pika (which also isn't my real name). She has blue eyes and light hair, and wears a purple flower in her hair. Aside from the flower, my character in Ultra Moon is almost identical, except she wears a hat. I love trading and battling, so feel free to ask me anytime! Also, I'll trade almost any Pokemon I have for a Type: Null or Silvally. I am obsessed. I bet the people that put Type: Nulls on the GTS like me. I really like hackers (or, as I like to call them, "hacker people")! I've had great experiences with them when I Wonder Trade. I'm also baffled as to why some people hate them and hacked Pokemon so much. What's up with that? Well, if you're ever trading with me and have a hacked Pokemon that you don't want (for whatever reason), feel free to trade it to me!

I'm on Showdown! quite often. My username is Flowersun, and I'm always up for a battle. If I don't have a team for whatever format you want to battle me on, I'll make one. Just give me a while. Also, I'm no master battler, so don't be surprised if you win.

In Pokemon Moon, I have a 100% complete Pokedex! Since I have a Shiny Charm, I sometimes go Shiny hunting. It often goes well. I think I have good luck.

Here's my list of Shinies I've captured:
Morelull/Shiinotic (Male, random encounter, encountered in Moon)
Jangmo-o (Female, random encounter, encountered in Moon, nicknamed Sweetie)
Magikarp (Male, random encounter, encountered in Moon)
Eevee (Male, hunted for with Shiny Charm, encountered in Moon, nicknamed Casey)
Eevee (Female, Hidden Ability, hunted for with Shiny Charm, encountered in Moon, nicknamed Nikki)
Audino (Male, encountered in an Ultra Wormhole in Ultra Moon)
Yanmega (Male, encountered in an Ultra Wormhole in Ultra Moon)
Popplio (Female, bred for with the Shiny Charm and Masuda Method in Moon, nicknamed Lillie)
Alolan Vulpix (Female, Hidden Ability, bred for with the Shiny Charm and Masuda Method in Moon, nicknamed Violet)
Nuzleaf (Male, encountered in an Ultra Wormhole in Ultra Moon)
Crustle (Male, encountered in an Ultra Wormhole in Ultra Moon)
Lombre (Female, encountered in an Ultra Wormhole in Ultra Moon)

I have formed a club called the Birds Of A Feather Club. Members of this site can join. It really doesn't do anything, it's just something I decided to do for fun. Here are the current members:

Flowersun (The "club's" creator)
Consider 7 (The person who inspired me to make this club while we were chatting)
iloveflareon (The first person to wanted to join)
KitkatKK2 (The second person who wanted to join)
Drifty-Boy (The third person that wanted to join. He said he'd join in the chat)
-Hex-maniac- (The first person I invited to join)
MegaEveeLution (The second person I invited to join. I invited her in the chat)
Xblade999 (The fourth person who wanted to join. He said he'd join in the chat)
Felix (The fifth person who wanted to join. He said he'd join in the chat)
Pkmn_Trainer_V (The sixth person who wanted to join. They said they'd join in the chat)
Project Emerald (The seventh person who wanted to join. She said she'd join in the chat)
Shiny_CharizardEx (The eighth person who wanted to join. He said he'd join in the chat

Also, to whoever read this entire thing, thank you for not falling asleep.

P.S: Go to page 17 of Hellfire Taco's wall. There, SYL calls him "HEman TAXI".

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want to be in my not-a-fanfic?
8 hours ago by iloveflareon
Faller scene 5 i think
(We are inside a ultta wormhole X and Kiara are just about 3,0”” lightyears away)
X: oh wow.
Kiara; wow fo sure (both are looking around in amazement)
X: kiara? Shouldn’t we land soon?
Kiara; probably, ohh! I spy a yellow wit hole (she guides  Solgaleo up and to the left)
X: woah! (He shileds his eyes from the intense light)
Kiara: oh come on X it’s NOT THAT BAD.
X: says the girl wearing dark sunglasses and a baseball cap.
Kiara: unlike you i was prepared. (He snorts)
X: only because Lusamine told you.  
Kiara: what’s that suppised to mean? (They get warped into the wirmhole)
X: it means , we’re here.
Kiara: huh? Oh yeah i know were here (she takes off her sunglasses  placing them on her hat.) it’s like...a cave here
X: well it IS called the Ultra Cave at least that’s what i’d call it.
Kiara: (thinking) hmm Ultra cave huh? I like that.
X: thanks c’mon lets look around here (they split ul Kiara going towards the back wall X staying nearbthe entrance)
Kiara: (from back) Monferno! I know you can do this! (Monferno cries out in pure joy only to get cut off by a sound that doesn’t dound good)
X: uhh Kiara? Everything okay?
Kiara: um not really take a look here, ( she is knelling next to a prone form on the ground it’s a blue  Medicham a female and she appeares ill) oh no i-i think she’s burning up we gotta help her.
X: (sitting next to Kiara he touches Medicham’s forehead) yeah she is i can fix it though i think. (Just then Medicham sits bolt upright tries to stand falls and then crawls behind Kiara)
Kiara: uh X? I don’t think she likes you too much i got this. (She rumages through her bag and takes out an Oran berry as well as Pecha and Sitrus she blends them into a juice in a canteen and helps Meducham drink) there ya go Mallory. That’s it easy nice and slow now.
X: hold up Mallory? Who says you get to name them anyway?
Kiara: (gesteruing at Medicham) she does i didn’t name her that it was already her name her trainer never bothered to learn it so i will call her Mallory also she wants me to catch her so i will with this (she pulls out a Luxey ball)
X: erm okay but don’t have to- (Medicham high fices the Luxey ball and it’s a crtical catch)
Kiara: battle? Guess not c'mon lets get her to Aether.T

9 hours ago by Project Emerald
Oh poop i think i also have the state-owned oreo itch
14 hours ago by iloveflareon
*remembers that i said i wouldnt make a fanfic/story/thingy*

frick. guess i lied...

check my wall for more info
1 day ago by iloveflareon
Yay imma Silvally
1 day ago by Project Emerald
WAOT astral is also from sunolle right
1 day ago by iloveflareon
↓ why isnt one named after meeeeee... jk i dont really care
1 day ago by iloveflareon
Confluxx - oh man oh man, i have nooooo idea... ok really this is so obvious lol
Shining - it shines.
Sparks - a jolteon? or maybe an electric type.
Flora Natura - from Sunolle.
Snowberi - emra's old username
Falon Natura - from emras fanfic, probably also sunolle.
Toxa - from one ofthe fanfics, right?
Terra - ↑
Astral Bren - idk
Psyche - the 2008-13 tv show.
Butterfly - a butterfly...
Boulder - ???
Hex -maniac-
Wyvern - the most epic-est dragon
Gladion - your celebrity crush
Silver - from GSC?
Pika - your pkmn namd
1 day ago by iloveflareon
I’ll to both tommrrow if not i MAY get a PUG vhLter of PUG up laterbalso it’s not too kate if u eanna create a project character flr PUG
1 day ago by Project Emerald
Hehehe i is cleaver lol
1 day ago by Project Emerald