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Gender: Male
Country: Philippines
Favorite Pokémon: Sceptile and Dottler
Friend Codes: Ask me if you want

Showdown Name: A Geeky Jawa
About me: My Pokémon DB history
I reached 100 points in the pokebase on June 8, 2014
I found the chat room empty on several occasions ever since June 16, 2014
First Name-Change on Sept. 5, 2014
Left the site around October/November 2014
Came back around July 2016
Reached 500 points in the pokebase on Sept. 22, 2016
Read the first comment by MovesestBot on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24.
Reached 1,000 points in the pokebase on Feb 5, 2017
Promoted to expert by a Fizz on July 3, 2018
Reached 2,000 points on July 29, 2018

IDK when this happened history
I accepted the chat room will be dead most of the time.
I had my first tournament sometime I forgot though and it was a Multi-Tier Tourney where I lost the first round to sumwun because in one turn I went stupid.

Name-Change History
Sceptile_03 - Leafy Blade - Blades with Leaves - A Geeky Jawa - Gekky

For those who visit my wall (I don't think many do), Here is a little quiz I made up. (Updated 02/6/19)
1. Which Pokemon Youtuber, has been called a Lawn Chair at some point?
2. What type combination used to have no weaknesses prior in Gen VI
3. Give me an example of a Mutualism between Pokemon
4. What are the names of the R/S/E Protagonists?

BTW I am in Team Mystic! (no, I didn't join from bandwagon, I thought it was the impopular choice at the time)

You're still reading? Huh... someone wants to actually know stuff about me. Well here's something random: I want to be a psychiatrist in the future.


Allister is best boy.


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Comments: 340
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please continue i am on the edge of my seat reading about gatekeeper-hamster-kun
Nov 25 by wokeboke
the u, posts abobut gate keeper story
Oct 24 by Jimmy⠀
how to increase
Oct 23 by Jimmy⠀
Oct 6 by wokeboke
Feeding tube that feeds you the dust and crumbs in the bottom of your backpack and pockets after they’ve been in use for a year
Oct 3 by Jimmy⠀
I appreciate this immensely
Oct 3 by Felix⠀
Did you write that just because I put the feeding tube thing on your wall? What a legend.
Oct 2 by Hellfire Taco
Nvm figured it out.
Oct 2 by Gekky
Tfw you complain to yourself how forgettable you are in real life and online but completely forget that you invited people to your wall.

Now how the hell am I supposed to respond to feeding tubes of lego?
Oct 2 by Gekky