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Gender: Not Female, No matter what STP says
Country: Sinnoh (USA)
Favorite Pokémon: Flareon, Gallade, Giratina Origin Form, Naganadel, Wooloo, Poipole, Mudkip (i leik 'em), Blaziken, Staraptor, Bidoof, Palkia, Decidueye, and SNOM OUR LORD AND SAVIOR
Friend Codes: Don't remember... oops

Hey there, I’m ItsYaBoiFlaweon. That’s kind of long, so call me Flaweon.

Name Changes: iloveflareon123 -> iloveflareon -> idonthateflareon [April Fools] -> ItsYaBoiFlareon
If anyone actually reads my profile, vote on my name. either Flaweon or Flawium Z

My collection of hashtags I've seen on Pokebase:
# nerd > geek
the above is there to remind me to have a glitter party in Y's honor every April 3rd.


Glazio Kawaii - The First Person I talked to on PokeBase. Also my DB sister.
Lukas Sands - What can I say except WHY DO YOU KEEP CHANGING YOUR NAME
~MegaCharizardY~ - She’s the person I talk to the most here.
Mega-Blade X - Coconut 2, this is Commander Pumpkin. I have the soup!
SpillThePolteageist - a b c now we’re friends!
NebbyY - A memed cosmog
KitKåtKK2 - She prefers Reese’s, actually.
SeeYaLater! - StaringYonderLettuce is going to be her next name she said ok petition time
Consider7 / Consider 7 - RIP, she left
-Hex maniac- - f

Joined: 11/25/2019
100 pts: 12/27/2019
200 pts: 1/3/2020
300 pts: 1/12/2020
400 pts: 2/8/2020
500 pts: 6/1/2020
600 pts: 6/3/2020

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About me: This is where I put the 'best' quotes in existence.

Confluxx is senpai.
1 day ago by Glazio Kawaii

5 minutes ago
Its worth a shot aint it.
5 minutes ago
heres ur help felix: any question, the answer is potato
6 minutes ago
who wants to help me do calculus?

jimmy is not stupid, jimmy is stupdi
  3 days ago by Molthree

Fizz is pretty cute ngl
  2 days ago by Sempi

Hellfire Taco
4 minutes ago
your butt is a bollon and it make you float into sky

Hellfire Taco  an hour ago here in texas they say push ween before they kill somebod or rob a bank or punch you or bite your or hit you or kick you so it scares me so i will not look at it please because if i do i might be killed

"These donuts are great! Jelly filled are my favorite! Nothing beats a jelly filled donut!" -Brock

"We're at the mercy of fart! What can we do? How can we stop it? It will cover the world in farts! It will engulf us in a never-ending fart!" -Hellfire Taco

2 minutes ago
Flareon, you have almost let me down good friend!
2 minutes ago
*ahem* jay. kay.
2 minutes ago
you meqn nothing to me. i dont care if ypu get a million downvotes. get -1900000 :oints.get a lot lotlot of flags ona post. always stay on inanswered forever. I DONT care
3 minutes ago
3 minutes ago
Am i not more important to you than a crazy man?

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I-I can't believe Y is g-gonna leave... every April 3rd, she said she'll c-come back, but... I have to wait a y-year just to see her again for a d-day... I cried when I s-saw that she was l-leaving... I hate my l-life... ;-;
3 minutes ago by Glazio Kawaii
Ur friends list, to be exact.
1 hour ago by ~MegaCharizardY~
Gotta update ur profile.
1 hour ago by ~MegaCharizardY~
2 minutes ago
every alpril 3rd until u return, we'll have a glitter party
2 minutes ago
I love glitterrrrr
1 hour ago by ItsYaBoiFlareon
2 minutes ago
2 minutes ago
You aren’t you are the opposite.
2 hours ago by ItsYaBoiFlareon
Flaweon, in case I don’t get to see you tonight, I’m probably going to leave forever tonight. Bye.
2 hours ago by ~MegaCharizardY~
That statement was also true.
4 hours ago by ~MegaCharizardY~
The below statement I said
4 hours ago by ~MegaCharizardY~
6 hours ago by Glazio Kawaii
seconds ago
no one has ever even slightly enjoyed my presence
7 hours ago by ItsYaBoiFlareon