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Gender: i’m a mini meteor I don’t think i have a gender
Country: A Mountain top In Alola
Favorite Pokémon: any shiny
Friend Codes: My discord if anyone wants to talk. snowhawk#3831 just tell me who ya are here so i don’t delete ya XD

Quotes! These are just quotes i like.

 “ I forgot my weapons but I do have a Spork, you are so forked.”

Mark: thus cat is looking at me with  judgment.”
Julian: “ no that’s just his face .”
Mark; “ you look at me the same  way , judgey face.” -rLady Midnight by Cassandre
 Claire the Dark  artificesbook one.

Alex lightwood; “Get out before i  rusk hus life by having  him turn you into  a
garbage fire something  that
matches you’re  personality .”lord of shadows the dark  artifices  Book two by  Cassandra Clare .

“All of life ia a dream walking, all of death is a coming  home.” Reflection by Elizabeth Lim

Well I have a lot of friends on here you know who you a

Omega X (sorry no blade)
Giru/Pika (i mentally call you Pika IRL)
 (MCGOAP rocka)
 Frozen Inferno
Felix ( he’s alive don’t worry LOL )
 There’s still more of you but I don’t know your new names
About me: I adopted a green-haired rasb feisty feral youth. He’s 12 and named Nate.
Shiny list

Carlos, Drapion Serious nature.
Seraphina, ( evolved ) Houndour in US (106)  4/8/21

Shines from friends

Leah, a Gumshoos from Giru

Pika, a  Mawile from Giru

My self-caught shiny pokemon

Skye,  an Elgyem ( evolved )wasn’t really trying and he was 4th called 11/13/20Esmerelda, a Bagon  ( evolved)  this hunt was suggested by Zang she was

30th called ( approximately) 11/16/20Kiara, a Mankey ( evolved )73rd called (yes i counted) 4/4/21

Ok base info
My last two names were Unbirthday and Aurora Zapp.

I have hacked shiny pokes i wanna trade i’ll take legit I unwanted shinnies or HA/6IVs

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Oof. Anyway, the game would freeze on the next intended encounter of the character.

OK, this is a little restrictive, but I always work better under restrictions, personally. Anyway, here we are.

~Real person~

Age [Minimum age is ten. Make sure he/she's younger than an adult. The younger the better.]:

~Video game characters [There must be three of them, and they all must be from different series/universes. Why? Because variety and creativity. Why have three Pokemon characters, for example, when you can shoehorn in someone from a different series? Obviously, since this is for video games, no book characters or any of that.]~

Name [First name is obviously mandatory. You can include his/her last name, if mentioned in a game, if you'd like. Obviously, you can't make up any part of his/her name. If you can rename a character in the game, please use his/her official name, not the game you gave him/her.]:
Game [If a character has been in multiple games, point out only one of them. Characters can change slightly, personality- or appearance-wise, so you'll be going off that game. Please name the game exactly. For example, if a character came from Gen 7 of Pokemon or you're using his/her info from that game, write 'Pokemon Sun/Moon/Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon', depending on which one, instead of just 'Pokemon' or 'Pokemon Gen 7'.]:
Age [If you don't know the character's age, you can give him/her an age that seems fitting. If you know his/her age, try not to make too drastic of a change if you plan to change it at all. Older characters are unlikely picks for this reason. Since your character will be younger, so should the characters.]:
Appearance [This will be his/her official appearance. If he/she has multiple outfits, list the one he/she most commonly wears in the game listed.]:
Personality [Try to match his/her official personality as closely as possible.]:

If you got any questions, just ask me. Have fun.
1 hour ago by Giru-Rūku
I had another fanfic idea. This one is another 'video game characters in real life' type of idea.

"A strong bond between a pair of pure hearts
Will open gateways to places unimagined
Their eyes will meet and their hearts will shine
And they will stand side by side"

Most video game characters, at first glance, seem like just that. They're just code in a game, nothing significant. However, these video game characters are technically as real as real people. They breathe, their hearts beat, they can be harmed, they can eat, they can drink. However, any of these might just seem like details in the game. Most people don't feel connections to these characters. They don't feel upset when a character is defeated, except if they wanted to defeat the enemy that defeated their character and failed. They think of most characters as the same or similar, though they likely have preferences. However, some people feel something else. They feel as though they have deep bonds with these characters, as if they're friends and companions. Sometimes, these characters feel the same way. It may sound impossible for a video game character, made out of code, to feel anything for anyone. But these characters are following the player's commands and directions in some cases. They know the player. Of course, this usually isn't seen. But in some cases, they become strongly attached to the player. The player has to show some love for them. They have to care about the character. If both feel like they have bonds with each other, the character may decide to meet their companion at last. Said character does this by by breaking a sort of 'barrier' between their world and the real world. How? By having the purity of heart, the affection for their companion, and the will to break through. When said character breaks the barrier, they usually end up nearby their companion. This could happen in broad daylight or the dead of night. They have a week to find their companion, or they will fall ill, become weakened, and eventually sent back to their world. They can get to the real world again, but it takes even more effort. Breaking the barrier doesn't let others get through. Only the character. Any others will have to be able to break it themselves. Once the character meets their real-life companion, usually the two spend a long time staring at each other. This is normal. It's likely shock from the real-life person's side, but it's also the beginning of the bonding. As they stare, they can 'see' into each others' hearts. This allows them to see how much the other person cared about them. They also learn about each others' personalities a bit better. They begin to glow, and the light slowly grows brighter until it flashes, knocking both people back. The next thing that happens is that the character does something. What it is depends. It could be anything from giving a small gift to helping the real-life person stand back up, because they likely landed on the ground. It's like knocking on a door. It's up to whoever lives there to let you in. If the real-life person accepts the bonding, as if they were opening the door, then the bonding is complete. It ends with a pink light emanating from both people. How does someone accept the bonding? It depends, once again, on the person. Even a smile could be accepting them, as they can still see into each others' hearts. It is possible to reject the bonding. Though it's unknown as to why anyone would, if they did, instead of pink, the light is red, and the character likely flees, very unhappy, and hides for the rest of the week until they return to their world. Said character likely won't come back again. But what exactly is the bonding? Basically, it's like a confirmation that they're officially friends. However, it has an effect on the character. It's in the character's best interest to make that special eye contact with the real-life person every day. Let's say the real-life person goes to sleep. When they awaken, due to the prolonged lack of this eye contact, the character will be ill. The effects worsen if the character is in a dark place such as a closet. Being awake or asleep doesn't matter. So it's recommended that the real-life person make this eye contact at least once a day. Even better is once right after they wake up and again right before they go to bed. This shortens the time without eye contact, meaning the illness won't be as powerful by the next eye contact. This means you'll be sharing what's in your heart on a daily basis, and the character can understand you better. Vice-versa is also possible, though it's easier for the character to be looking in a real-life person's heart. If a character is left without this eye contact for two days, they'll disappear back into their own world. This is like a breaking of the bonds. It weakens the character's desire to come back. After all, they could just be ignored and sent back again. It'll take more effort to break the barrier, too. This means that the real-life person can now play their game properly. You see, when a character leaves a game, it can have strange effects on that game. If the game is more of a turn-based RPG-like game, then it's possible that the character will just be defeated on the game and never be able to be revived. But in some cases, the game is rendered unplayable and freezes upon being loaded. In some rare cases, characters can communicate with the real life person using the video game they're in if sent back. They manipulate the code to show the real-life person cutscenes that previously didn't exist and show text. They can hear the person too. It's up to them if they want to attempt coming back or not. If they do, that means they care a lot about the real-life person. People with evil hearts can't come to the real world through normal means. They have to care about someone deeply and have a 'pure heart'. This pure heart doesn't mean that they're perfect or perfectly non-aggressive. It means they hold no evil. The person they care about must also share this. They must be pure of heart, holding no evil.

I think I forgot something, but I think I'm gonna make an OC. I don't think I'm gonna write the fanfic, but yeah. Would you like to make an OC as well? Since you like making OCs and all. I could send you all the requirements and whatnot.
1 day ago by Giru-Rūku
Yup. But... wow, is Gau a survivor. I know it's all fictional, but I still feel impressed by it.
1 day ago by Giru-Rūku
Tell her tomorrow wondering “ what the heck are those people on my screen “ those are two of my characters that I’ve come up with in the past they are the children of launching one is Mayleene (left) the other Minzhe (right) my friens drew them
1 day ago by Mighty Minior
I’m doing great. I would totally join if possible, just like I do all ur fics
1 day ago by Sixer
Okay so the story i was ralking about earlier with the hybrids heres a little on my main char (yes giru he and others are based the HAs i got from you)

Age, 15
Pokemon DNA infused, Myrkrow/Honchkrow
Gender, male
 Appearance   Chin length jet black hair, dark brown eyes, coco colored skin , tall, slender, he has a jet black feather wings that  protrude from his shoulder blades   And allow him to fly . He wears a black tank top, dark blue jeans, and black high top sneakers .
Moves, beave Bird, Night Slash, Steel Wing and Superpower.
 Ability, Moxie
 Personality, he is typically a loner but despite his dark appearance he’s actually very friendly  he keeps to himself but that is mostly because otherwise he would be hunted  he doesn’t necessarily easily trust people but once  you earn his trust you’ll always believe in you no matter what.  He was 12 when his parents forced him to undergo the infusion  shortly there after they died  forcing him to have to live in the wild  and fend for himself . He always sees the bright side of things  and will never give up sometimes on a point of being stubborn  to a failt.
1 day ago by Mighty Minior
Oh, PS  if anybody would like to join I will definitely take OCs  just let me know what you want to join and I’ll send the requirements
2 days ago by Mighty Minior
Omg hi guys! I just had a new fic idea on human hybrids. Basucally gumans are dying off because of their  environment  But some are living with pokemon DNA un them some are part who aee part  find out for example have wings  some are hybrids of Pokémon with tails have a tail  and they can also use Pokémon moves specifically the moves of the Pokémon they’re combined with  it’s still sort of  A rough idea but I like it and I’ve come up with my own character  and for once my main character is not a girl but a boy
2 days ago by Mighty Minior
I still have their sets. I'll make Azera a moveset sometime (Lonely sucks but eh), so yeah.

Alex (Honchkrow) (M) @ Life Orb / Choice Band
Ability: Moxie
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Brave Bird / Drill Peck
- Night Slash
- Superpower
- Steel Wing / Roost

Before you go "OMG LIFE ORB AND BRAVE BIRD???", yes, I know the recoil is staggering. But it's powerful, and power seems to be your playstyle. Combined with Moxie, for as long as you survive, you're going to be killing. If you really want Drill Peck, then use Drill Peck. Choice Band is also there for a nice power boost. Night Slash is STAB. Superpower is Rock and Ice coverage. Sure, it has the drawback of lowering your Attack and Defense, but hopefully you'll KO to get an Attack boost from Moxie to negate that. Steel Wing is kinda weak, but Honchkrow's physical coverage is kinda weak. Roost is for healing, which can help in the case of Life Orb, but he might not last long enough to use it.

- Don't use Choice Band with Roost.

Idalia (Sunflora) (F) @ Choice Specs
Ability: Early Bird
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Modest Nature
- Leaf Storm
- Energy Ball
- Earth Power
- Sludge Bomb

Sunflora saddens me. The movepool. Save my soul. Anyway, Choice Specs, yay. Leaf Storm is strong STAB but lowers her Special Attack by two stages. If you switch in and just need to deal a heavy (for Sunflora) blow, then likely die, then it's the move for you. Energy Ball is also STAB with no negative drawbacks. Why do I put both on here? Because one, Sunflora's moveset is trash and I didn't want to include Hidden Power because it's kinda luck-based, and two, it's for when you're not switching in and need to deal a heavy blow, then likely die. I mean, you can't switch between them without, well, switching, but I tried OK. Earth Power is Fire and Poison coverage. Sludge Bomb is coverage of nothing in particular but is there because Sunflora gets nothing better. If you have a sun setter, you could run Solar Beam for a STAB move, but you likely don't.

Rozella (Masquerain) (F) @ Focus Sash
Ability: Unnerve
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Bug Buzz
- Air Slash
- Ice Beam / Energy Ball / Scald / Shadow Ball
- Quiver Dance

I tried, I tried, I failed and died- anyway, you set up Quiver Dance once (or more than once if you're lucky), get down to one HP, and then pray to Arceus you can outspeed and KO. Focus Sash is so you can live a hit to set up. Bug Buzz is STAB. Air Slash is STAB with a nice flinch chance that can come in handy... if you're lucky. Ice Beam, Energy Ball, Scald, and Shadow Ball are all coverage. I don't really recommend Shadow Ball, but I included it anyway. Don't ask me why. Quiver Dance is for setting up.
5 days ago by Giru-Rūku
Chapter 7
This is Magnus’ divine punishment for not being able to surf
Casey again. It’s a long story. So we decided to go to Akala island with Mantine Surf. The beach was beautiful, with glistening blue water, calm tan sand, and a warm sun shining down on us. There was a lifeguard next to a sign that said:
   “Leaderboard: Melemele Mantine Surf Course”
    I approached him.
    As if by telepathy, he seemed to know exactly what I wanted. “How many are going?” He asked.
    “All 7 of us!” I replied cheerfully.
    “Alright. You’re going to have to get your Ride Pokémon outfits on.”
    Airika looked around. “We’re going to need some rentals. Casey and I have an outfit, but these five don’t.”
    Blitz looked at Hearthstone and Magnus. “By any chance, could I NOT wear one?”
     “No can do! It’s regulation and we have to.”
     Hearth signed [Maybe sun is different here?]
     Blitz did not look optimistic. “I doubt it. But I suppose we could try.” He took off his helmet.
    After a few minutes of changing, we were all in standard Ride Pokémon outfits. And then we were off.
   Skill level varied extremely between our friends. Airika did this a lot, so she was great, and fun to watch. I had done this before, but I was out of practice, and was just OK. Our friends from the sky, however, were not as good. Alex was the best of the five. She (yes, she had told me right before we left for the beach) was almost as good as me. Hearthstone was having trouble because of sound cues being almost a requirement. Blitz and Sam were doing badly, but not as badly as Magnus. Airika was fun to watch, so was Magnus. Just in a very different way. He was hitting every Corsola that was within a mile of his intended path. He fell off too many times to count, and was definitely not having fun.
    Eventually we got to Akala. I ignored everything but the entrance to Lush Jungle, because I knew it was a hotspot for Pokémon, and somebody would get something here.
    I threw Magnus a ball. “Here, have a reward for your great surfing skills.”
    Magnus was unimpressed by my sarcasm, but stepped into the tall grass without a Pokémon, and when something popped out, he instinctively threw the Pokeball at it. Somehow, it caught.  He opened the ball to find out what he had caught. Inside was what he described as “A string of flowers with a face”.
      It was a Comfey.
     Alex cackled with glee. “I’m going to have fun with this!” she said.
     The way out was more interesting. I tripped on a tree root. My ankle hit the ground in a funny way, and I couldn’t move it for the pain. I yelped.
     Magnus crouched to my level. “It’s broken.”
    “Just wait a minute.”
   All of a sudden, the pain in my ankle faded. I flexed it, and it was completely normal.
     Airika laughed. “Makes sense with the Comfey.
     “No, it doesn’t! People don’t normally have talking swords! They can’t normally un-break people’s ankles!”
     Magnus shrugged and pulled off his pendant.
     As we had seen before, Jack came out. “Ooh, a jungle! Need me to cut down some trees for you?”
      “No, but thank you. This is Lush Jungle and cutting down trees here’s just a little bit illegal.” I said.
      “I just brought you out to say ‘hi’ while I explain everything.”
      “EVERYTHING everything?” Jack asked?
      “No, more like just Everything Basic Plan.”
      And so he did. He explained Norse mythology, and how it was real. How he was the SON of FREY.
      Originally, I took that as fiction. I thought Jack was just a Zoroark-caused illusion, and Magnus healed me with some Comfey trick. But later, I kind of figured that to them, Pokémon might have been fiction. I dealt in the supernatural already, so what’s one more thing?
         So that was that. Next up on my list of stops: Mount Hokulani.
May 4 by Sixer