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Member for: 2 years (since Apr 14, 2018)
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Gender: Cosmic
Country: Ultra Space
Favorite Pokémon: Gardevoir, Gengar, Mudkip, Cranidos, Rowlet, Totodile, Tyrunt, Scorbunny, Morpeko, Cosmog
Friend Codes: Switch: SW-6099-4288-9980
3ds fc is more of a private thing

Main Showdown Accounts:
+ NebbyY (Global Career/Voice on DB Showdown)
Casper Ze Ghost

Promoted to Voice by Mewderator, I'm so honored :D
About me: Summary:
I'm a lazy cosmog who decided to scour the internet. I wanna grow up into a big Lunala one day!
Mischievous little ball of gas.

Name Changes:
Molthree (4/14/18 to 4/23/20)
NebbyY (4/24/20 to XX/XX/XX)

Joined the club of messing around in chat.

Stan Pokemon Insurgence.

Competitive Guides:

I forget basic stuff sometimes.

Check out my YouTube channel and sub if you like watching random content that doesn't come out on a schedule:

Joined The Site: 4/14/2018
First 80 Points: 5/4/2018
First 100 Points: 5/6/2018
First 200 Points: 5/14/2018
First 300 Points: 6/1/2018
First 400 Points: 6/19/2018
First 500 Points: 6/25/2018
First 1,000 Points: 12/XX/18
Top 200 Users/1200 Points: 12/9/19
1300 Points: 12/27/19
1400 Points: 2/9/20
1500 Points: 3/6/20
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1800 Points: 4/21/20
1900 Points: 4/25/20
2000 Points: 5/7/20
2100 Points: 5/11/20
2200 Points: 5/17/20
2300 Points: 5/20/20
2400 Points: 5/28/20

PKMN Nuzlockes that I've attempted:

Pokemon Ultra Moon (FAIL): Sudowoodo took out whole team except for Marshtomp, Lurantis finished off run

Pokemon Omega Ruby (12 deaths, on hiatus)

Pokemon Shield Ultra Nuzlocke (0 deaths, ongoing)
Close Calls: Pancham Circle Throwed out my Raboot and brought out Skwovet, since I can't switch, I have to stay in with Skwovet. A Tackle took down Pancham to like less than 5% HP. Pancham used Circle Throw and Skwovet was taken down to 19/49 HP.

Nuzlocke Ideas:
Scanlocke (where you only use Island Scan pokemon)
Ultra Nuzlocke (no items in battle, no switching in battle, no Rare Candies or EXP candies, no legendaries, standard nuzlocke rules)

consume point

Cool stuff that you didn't need to probably know about me:
I got past Stage 500 in Pokemon Shuffle without spending a single penny.

If you read this far, feel free to post anything on my wall, I don't mind

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start with josh kool
3 hours ago by cranpper
I can eat everyone's soul
10 hours ago by NebbyY
2 days ago by Drifty-Boy
added you :P
2 days ago by Staka~
well. darn!
2 days ago by cranpper
So i think i u wanted to know about my Os (orgional story)  if u know about the ology books you’ll kinda get it if not i can explain further

So rn the story is called FETA (not the cheesse) it’s (fate-uh) Fringe enlightinment Training Academy, this school is for most anyone who wants to learn the fringe sciences there are Founding Families “ like my character Lukas Sands (she’s a she) the main idea is that up to three new kuds Arrive at FETA, each one is going to necome a “ colleague “ to a already enrolled student Lukas “Kas” is one of the ones already enrolled. I don’t really have a climax or much more tovthe plot it’ll come as i type it if u wanna be in let me know on my wall i’ll send character guidelimes u can do one or two characters
2 days ago by Lukas Sands
wOaH cosMog iS sTrOnK
3 days ago by SpillThePolteageist
Please take notes. So many people are being misinformed about the power of Cosmog. Take a look. A good look.
3 days ago by NebbyY
Nebby: this user is impersonating you! {Links the user that got le posted}
3 days ago by Drifty-Boy
i hate you
4 days ago by SpillThePolteageist