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Gender: Pyra simp
Country: Living in the US, but I'm British. Going to move to Canada someday
Favorite Pokémon: (in no particular order) Roserade, Eelektross, Regieleki, Dusknoir, Centiskorch, Hydreigon, Serperior, Samurott, Regidrago, Galarian Articuno, Flapple, Scolipede, Sawsbuck-Summer, all Rotom forms, Slurpuff, Beedrill, shiny Corsola-Johto, shiny Applin, Goodra, Alakazam, Rillaboom, Sunflora, Glastrier
Friend Codes: PS! names: XScipio, Cosmicog, monarch67
About me: Terlor
5 minutes ago
x has an anime antagonist vibe to him

New users are pain and suffering incarnate in regards to the garbage 97% of them post

INTJ-A personality

I love how new users ask what Pokemon everyone in chat likes the best when there's a section on profiles for that

I'm a gigantic nerd

Urbosa for Smash


Destroying new users with facts and logic is what I do

Do something good, and no one remembers. Do something bad, and no one forgets.

"I don't think you have a right to command me, merely because you are older than I, or because you have seen more of the world than I have; your claim to superiority depends on the use you have made of your time and experience."
- Charlotte Brontë

Can the idea of a perfect heaven after death truly exist? One person's ultimate perfection may not necessarily be another's, and if they share that fabled utopia, then strife will emerge as a result of basic human nature. If everyone has their own heaven, that would mean that everyone has their own reality now, so does that mean this world may only be here because we came into it? And if there is no place after death, what is there?

Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and saviour Bidoof?

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Oops said* that* twice lol
3 hours ago by ~Obstagoon-Marnie~
Oops sis Ethan twice lol
3 hours ago by ~Obstagoon-Marnie~
Hey X, can we trade the rest of those eggs over?
3 hours ago by ~Obstagoon-Marnie~
I have changed my grav  and it should appear soon teehee
3 hours ago by AureliusReyes
Hey X, can we trade the rest of those eggs over?
4 hours ago by ~Obstagoon-Marnie~
Also, Disney is apparently revealing a princess with a never-before-seen ethnicity, at least according to the Onion, whom I've been citing for the past 24 hours. i think they're a reliable source, right?
5 hours ago by AureliusReyes
what a lovely exchange between pit and palutena
5 hours ago by AureliusReyes
dEstrOyed SkyWORld
5 hours ago by AureliusReyes
5 hours ago by AureliusReyes
i AnsWeRed A quEStIon fOR the First tiMe iN forEVEr
5 hours ago by AureliusReyes